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They’re Here… The Legion Arrives

I got home and at about the point when I started wondering when I might get my delivery, an Amazon truck pulled up and handed me a package.

Retail Boxes!  Old School!

Retail Boxes! Old School!

Now to see what this Legion thing is all about.

Today We Are Legion

The day has finally arrived.  After months of waiting it is here, later than it probably should have been, but sooner that it likely could have been.  The sixth World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, went live at midnight Pacific time today.

WoW Legion coming to a server near you

The time has come to head to the Broken Isles

I didn’t stay up to play, mostly because I do not have a copy of the expansion yet.  Amazon says I should have my copy… actually, two copies, one for me and one for my daughter… some time this afternoon.

Which doesn’t mean I didn’t spend last night playing.  I went out and got one last character to level 100, an Alliance warrior.  He had to run the Westfall invasion a few times to get there, but made it through.

One more recruit for the Broken Isles

One more recruit for the Broken Isles

I did hedge a bit to get him there.  I upgraded a couple of the plate heirloom pieces and my daughter reminded me about that 20% exp boost potion available from the garrison vendor.  Good thing I ran him through the Draenor intro and he had some garrison resources handy.

20% more on top of it all

20% more on top of it all

I actually enjoyed the last few weeks of invasion events.  As I said over on a comment on Bhagpuss’s blog, it did get a lot of people out and playing and probably helped people come to grips with the class changes.

Stacked up to land at Sentinel Hill

Stacked up to land at Sentinel Hill

The gear drops were a bonus and the whole thing gave people some random boss training.  And, of course, the levels were good.  I know Blizz was trying to poo-poo this as a way to level up all your alts, but people seemed to want that and eventually Blizz tuned it about right, so that active players could level up pretty handily, which made it a popular success.  It proved once again that Edward Castronova quote that irks Bhagpuss;

Being an elf doesn’t make you turn off the rational economic calculator part of your brain.

Essentially, levels were on deep discount and a lot of people rushed in to get some.  If I recall correctly, I picked up 100 levels across the four characters I played the most.

Along with some random alts I played, I used the invasions to push a new warrior from level 12 to 60, a druid from 94 to 100, and another warrior, the final one from last night, from 74 to 100.  I was tempted to try for another level 100… I had already moved a mage from 35 to 55… but I wasn’t quite up to it.  I liked the invasions as an event, but I could only run so many before I had to go off and do something else.

At the end of all of that, I am left with the final big character question; which one should hit the Broken Isles first?  I have eight immediate choices:

The lineup against the Legion

The lineup against the Legion

  • Vikund – Human Paladin (retribution)
  • Alioto – Night Elf Druid (feral)
  • Tokarev – Draenei Death Knight (spec TBD)
  • Tistann – Dwarf Hunter (beast)
  • Trianis – Night Elf Rogue (outlaw)
  • Makarov – Human Warrior (arms)
  • Hurmoo – Tauren Druid (feral)
  • Haakron – Tauren Warrior (fury)

That is seven level 100s, plus a level 60 warrior who is likely to be my level 100 boost.  Plus, I will also be able to roll up a Demon Hunter as well, once I get the expansion, giving me nine options to choose from.  In thinking about that I haven’t even bothered to consider where I might head first in the Broken Isles.

Hrmmm... shaped kinda like Outland when you look at it...

Hrmmm… shaped kinda like Outland when you look at it…

Actually, I haven’t thought about the actual content at all.  I have tried to follow my usual plan of averting my gaze when it comes to new content, absorbing just enough to get me there but not so much that any surprises are spoiled.

Anyway, all that awaits me tonight when the new adventure begins.