They’re Here… The Legion Arrives

I got home and at about the point when I started wondering when I might get my delivery, an Amazon truck pulled up and handed me a package.

Retail Boxes!  Old School!

Retail Boxes! Old School!

Now to see what this Legion thing is all about.

2 thoughts on “They’re Here… The Legion Arrives

  1. carson63000

    I have a Wrath of the Lich King box on my desk, and I was just recently thinking that it’s probably the last cardboard box to have entered my gaming domain.


  2. Helistar

    My impression has been very good:
    – the Class Halls are a scaled-down and a lot less annoying version of the Garrison.
    – seamless integration of scenarios in quest chains (with only one majors problem in Highmountain).
    – I like the new graphic options with ultra-high view distance. I’d like stronger day/night and weather (maybe not to the point of Black Desert….).
    – the Ysera/druids/emerald dream quest zone is very good,
    – Azsuna is less coherent, but has the funny/absurd WoW quests.
    – Highmountain is the basic “gather tribes” story. Mountains and no-fly is a good ingredient for aggravation. Highly 3d underground caves don’t help, either….
    – I’ve just started the last zone and I’ve done the initial quests in Suramar (the lvl 110 zone), which both look good.
    – looking at the vendors, the rep grinds will be almost a requirement, time will tell if they are nice or annyoing, I’m mostly honored through the leveling, for now.
    – there’s a ton of lore about night elves, if you’re not one, too bad for you :)
    – some classes got pruned a bit too much apparently, but my druid still plays fine.
    Weirdly enough, it’s the legendary weapon which I find the less interesting part, because it’s a rehash of the old “+5% damage” talent trees…..


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