On the Edge of the Broken Isles

The boxes arrived last night, from which my daughter and I immediately extracted the code which would unlock the expansion on our respective accounts.  The included DVD was purely decorative.  And then it was straight into the game for a bit.

Unfortunately, my wife and I had other plans for the evening.  It was “Back to School” night at my daughter’s high school, so we spent most of the evening meeting teachers and hearing about their classroom plans.

Still, I managed to find a bit of time to play.

I didn’t have time to sit and think about what to do, so I did the natural thing and jumped into the game with my paladin, Vikund, who is my second oldest character and has generally been my “do all the things” vehicle.  I logged him in, accepted what I hoped was the last quest delivered by Khadgar’s Upgraded Servant for a while, and made my way to Dalaran where I got to watch Khadgar himself engage the spindizzy spell and move the whole place to the Broken Isles.

There was a bit of an introduction around the place.

Hey, they finally fixed the portals room! Been broken for ages.

Hey, they finally fixed the portals room! Been broken for ages.

But eventually the reception line led to the table where you got to choose your weapon.  Of course, as a retribution pally, there is really only one choice.

Yeah, like this is even a choice

Yeah, like this is even a choice

However, this wasn’t like some cheap hotel high school reunion where you pick the airline quality chicken entree and then they just bring it to you.  You have to go get it!  So a mild adventure ensued, at the end of which I possessed Ashbringer.

Best cinematic cue ever

Best cinematic cue ever

At that point, because I possessed the magic dingus, I had to go back to the order hall.  There I was presented to the bored crowd in the basement theater under Light’s Hope Chapel, out in the Eastern Plaguelands, which still looks like a bad neighborhood.  But I bet the rent on the place is cheap.

Hi everybody, my name is Vikund.

Hi everybody, my name is Vikund

After that I was elected Queen of the May, Man of the Year, and head of the order, something I am sure was unique to my character alone and based solely on my semi-competent performance in obtaining what is surely the one and only Asherbringer.  I accepted all of this with due solemnity.

You can tell by the way I use my walk...

You can tell by the way I use my walk…

After that they seemed to want me to do something, like these were not merely honorary or administrative offices I had been awarded.  They wanted me to go out and fight the Legion.

So I wandered back down the corridor, past the card room and the basketball court, leaving the solo phase I had been in up to that point, and thus joining a stream of other players, many of whom had a very similar weapon across their back.  Mere replicas I bet, created in envy of me and the one true Ashbringer.

Down the hallway, past the cloak room, I found my destination.  It was a map.  I had to choose where I would land in the Broken Isles to begin my one-man heroic assault on the Legion.

Where to go?

Where to go?

But I didn’t really have enough time for that.  We had to leave for “Back to School” night.  So I left Vikund there in the order hall, probably getting all Cameron’s dad about Ashbringer and sitting there polishing it with a diaper.

The actual first zone choice will have to wait until tonight.

8 thoughts on “On the Edge of the Broken Isles

  1. Isey

    We had the exact same experience, except I was on my Druid. I just wrote a small piece on my blog about how I wished they phased out all the other Artifacts on every other player. At least that way, the illusion that you were important would be a bit better. I logged out staring at the Broken Isles map worried I would/could somehow make the wrong choice.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Isey – Yes, we’re all effectively getting the same experience. It is just the MMORPG way of things.

    My daughter asked if I was going to transmog Ashbringer into my usual shovel. (The silver spade, best 2h transmog ever!) I said not yet. But eventually having that will make me at least a bit different in a sea of Ashbringers.

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  3. Krumm

    I guess the Silver Hand is like the Air Force in that they send their leaders… (the Officers) to do the fighting. I myself did the Holy path and let me tell you my arti-quest went straight to the healing like a heroic/mystic dungeon level pug with 4 inept players. I had to heal one then two then three and five npc-party members in a fight where they weren’t staying out of the fire and weren’t holding agro.

    I don’t know couldn’t we have had a few zones in before we got out arties say at 110 you’ve slogged through enough to finally battle your way into owning it….Say for the final push through that endgame material.

    Anyway they stick my Holy paladin with a two handed hammer….!?! Cuz it heals you see
    …makes complete sense!

    Anyway I transmogged it right away to look like a Reforged True silver Champion.


  4. Krumm

    My last rant reminded me that I once saw a magic item loot card for a card game that had a Magic Cross Bow of Healing…. “This may hurt little…but you’ll be fine don’t worry…”


  5. Matt

    I find the artifact weapons odd. Something like the garrison could be neatly left behind in Draenor, but these level with you and are portable. Do they just stop leveling up at the next expansion? My Doomhammer was really cool, but then I found a level 120 green…it just sounds odd.


  6. Telke

    @Isey, Wilhelm – all the Broken Isles zones with the exception of Suramar scale with you as you level. So you can start in one and go to any of the others at any time. There’s various Order Hall quests to do while you’re levelling – particularly unlocking your other Artifacts – but basically, you can’t make objectively wrong decisions at any point during the process, it’s really well managed.


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