EverQuest is Returning to Kunark as Well

Thanks to a nudge from Bhagpuss, I went over to the EverQuest site and read more than the first news entry this time.  As with EverQuest II, yesterday’s producer’s letter says that EverQuest will be returning to the island of Kunark for its 2016 expansion.

While EverQuest II went to Kunark last in 2007 with Rise of Kunark, leaving a 9 year gap between then and the upcoming Kunark Ascending (rise? ascend? is there a message in that?), EverQuest last went there in April of 2000 with the Ruins of Kunark expansion, the first of many expansions to the game, leaving nearly a 17 year gap between visits.

The only fully good MMO expansion ever

This box art is going to get a lot of use

After that long gap, EverQuest is going back with the Empires of Kunark expansion, due out this November.

As with the EverQuest II announcement I reported on earlier today, there are not any real details about the expansion aside from zone names and… well… that it will be set in Kunark.  I am sort of surprised it took them this long to get back there.  They’ve been back to Faydwer in one form or another a few times already.  Hell, they’ve done pirate/sea adventures as a theme twice now. (The Buried Sea and The Darkened Sea.)

More information about the expansion will follow later.  Daybreak says they are planning bonus events and sales to help players get ready for the expansion when it launches.

1 thought on “EverQuest is Returning to Kunark as Well

  1. Orcpawn

    I’m actually very excited about this new expansion. The most recent expansion was a complete disaster but more development resources have been given back to EQ and I’m hoping the Kunark name brings back some older players. I’ll definitely be blogging about it as we get closer to release date!


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