Legion So Far…

So far I would say that I like the WoW Legion expansion.  The whole thing feels, in many ways, like a reaction to the Warlords of Draenor expansion.

For example, there are still missions and followers, but there only a few of each, and they are much more focused on helping you, as opposed to the way things were in Draenor, where garrison missions were a self-perpetuating system.  There you ran missions to gain resources to run more missions, you gathered more followers in order to run more missions so you could gather more followers.  You geared yourself up and fattened your wallet, all while never leaving your garrison.  In WoW Legion you have to actually keep playing in the world to earn resources to have your followers do anything.

Likewise, crafting professions, which were made completely trivial in Draenor are now… well… I am not sure how to characterize them now.  I think, as an engineer, I have made one item so far as part of the quest line for the professions.  I’ve completed a number of mining related upgrade quests.  And I finally got the sixth cooking recipe that finished up the initial quest there.

Maybe that is the theme of WoW Legion; Quest all the Things!  Though I may not be far enough in to make that determination yet, the trend seems to be holding.  And questing works for me.

I have been… slow… in getting into the Broken Isles.  After mucking about a bit, trying to decide which character to get into the expansion first, I settled on my Paladin and started working through the zones in a clockwise fashion.

Starting at 7 and working my way around the clock

Starting at 7 and working my way around the clock

So far I have worked my way through Azsuna and Val’Sharah, getting both the exploration and questing achievements for both, and am almost done with the quest line in Highmountain. (Though I have a ways to go on the exploration achievement.)

Almost a month into the expansion, that isn’t very far… though by going more slowly I may have arrived at level 100 at about the same time I might have had I been playing more diligently thanks to always having blue bar exp as I went.   That was how that was supposed to work right, back in the day?  A way to keep slackers like me from falling too far behind or some such.

Anyway, yesterday I finally made it to level 110 with Vikund, my first character at the new level cap.

Somewhere in Highmountain

Somewhere in Highmountain

I still have all of Stormheim ahead with him, and then Suramar and Broken Shore and world quests and the artifact weapon to manage and all of that.  Lots to do.  I can see why people are saying that this is, perhaps, not an alt-happy expansion so far.  Of course, wait until flying gets unlocked and all your follow-on characters can just zip through the air.  That tune might change then.

Of course, this being Blizzard, there have been the usual staples of every expansion.  I have slaughter the local fauna with the Nesingwary.  I have helped out D.E.T.H.A. yet again.

Playing with murlocs

Playing with murlocs

The artifact weapon thing has been fine so far.  At least that is one equipment slot I don’t have to worry about updating, even if every ret pally in the order hall has an Ashbringer of one color or another.  I was a little crestfallen when the experience required to upgrade it went from a steadily increasing tempo… 750, 800, 1000… to a 6.8x jump.

Last level: 1,000 Next level: 6,840

Last level: 1,000 Next level: 6,840

That pretty much killed off any forward progress there.  It takes a lot of ~150 upgrade hits… never mind the low impact of all those 10-25 boosts you find in the field… to get anywhere.  I am hoping that I am just lagging behind somewhere and that better bumps will be available at some point.

But overall I am happy enough, if not overly enthusiastic.  Lots left to do, and with the usual two year expansion cycle unlikely to change, it is probably good to be a month in and still have a lot of content ahead.

Of course, I could probably do with a bit less of being pestered by Khadgar.  If his servant or his upgraded servant chasing me all over wasn’t enough, Now I have his disembodied head following me around trying to get me to take a quest when I am just back in town to clear out bags and take care of a few things.

Not creepy at all

Not creepy at all

Yeah, I know, take the damn quest and he’ll go away… only then I’ll forget about it in my quest log.  I’ve been trained by various games to take quests only when I am ready to do them, lest I kick off some event for which I do not have time.

At least I am not poor.  The plan to replace the garrison mission income in Draenor seems to be to make gray trash loot worth a lot more.  My auto-sell addon rings up hundreds of gold every time I stop at a vendor after question for a while.

So that is where I stand in the Broken Isles so far.  No exactly unbridled enthusiasm, but happy enough with things overall.


7 thoughts on “Legion So Far…

  1. Talarian

    Now that you’re 110, Artifact Research should open up in your class hall. Each AR level increases you Artifact Power gains on future AP items by an exponentially increasing amount (+25% for level 1 to +24,000% for level 25, not a typo), which is how Blizzard is handling time gating/off-spec gains, basically.

    That should quickly let you catch up to the AP needed to hit higher levels of your Artifact.

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  2. Marathal

    I was shocked to see my needed Artifact level over 18k. And have the feels for those leveling two. But realize if you focus on one the research boost makes catching up fast on the other. That said, it seems like a fairly set amount of effort to get the next level. What may have take 20 quests initial may take 22 or 23. Some epic boost quest rewards are now over 1200 artifact power. It is a balancing act. Have to watch for those vendor gear upgrades. 4000 may not seem much initially, but as you go it catches you short at times.


  3. zaphod6502

    Great expansion and it actually dragged me away from Black Desert Online. I love the fact that world quests give high level gear as it has become difficult to get 5-mans now that the initial player stampede has subsided.


  4. dsj

    The calculator that is online will show you what it takes to max one artifact without using any research …. it caps at 65,000,000 AP.


  5. Hordling

    Now that you’re 110 world quests appear on your zone maps in the broken isles. These offer great equipment and actually scale with your level so that over about two weeks you can get your ilvl up to 840 no sweat just doing these world quests. Also, one faction a day is designated to offer a chest for completing 4 world quests associated with them. These chests can drop the class legendaries and award significant faction standing. You can also click on the map offered by the flight masters and it zooms in showing available world quests. You’ll want to run around and pick up flight points in the zones you haven’t quested in yet. Every week there’s one of 11 world bosses (860 ilvl loot) active you can slaughter in a large raid, use the custom group finder to locate a raid that’s killing it for efficient ten minute kills.

    Another thing you should check out is the withered army scenario. You need to do most of the quest line in suramar but its the new version of the Thunder Isle Key to the palace of Lei Shen.


  6. Unpax

    @Hordling that scenario is pretty fun. I was amazed last xpac that they didn’t have anything like that.

    Overall i agree the xpac is good. For the first time they have a ton of stuff for max level toons to do at release. One other note on world quests – there is a good addon called World Quest List that lists them all with all the rewards next to your map, and makes finding the big rewards much easier than browsing the zones. I like this one because it doesn’t add things directly onto the map itself.


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