Meanwhile Back in the Garrison

Despite being critical of the so-called “game play” of garrison missions and Blizzard having nerfed garrison gold farming back to the stone age with the 7.0 patch back in early August, I still hit garrisons with Vikund and several alts every day.

Why am I doing this?

Well, there is still that garrison shipyard achievement I want, “Master of the Seas,” so I will have the title “Captain.”

I will be called "Captain" before this is done

The current score is 19 out of 25 required

The naval bonus missions are the rare ones, so I check in daily to see if one has popped up, then run some missions anyway (including the one for 400 oil) because I might as well get the “Fleet Commander” achievement while I am there.

But mainly I have been going back for garrison resources.

After the 7.0 patch, Blizzard took away gold as a reward for many things… though you can still get occasional ilevel 655 or 670 items from missions that are worth… but boosted the garrison resource output.  I imagine that this is to help alts and others showing up in the post-Draenor era build their garrisons.

So all those follows with the extreme scavenger trait that I optimized for in order to boost gold returns on mission, they now return piles of garrison resources instead.

That is a pile of resources

That is a pile of resources for three resource missions

The salvage yard now hands out garrison resources with each box or bag you open as well.

I am taking all of those garrison resources to the vendor at the trading post, which I have built on several of my alt garrisons as well, and but supplies for my tail who then turns them into hexweave bags.

Making bags

Making bags

I save some of them for the auction house when the price is good, but my main goal is to outfit all of my characters, inventory and bank, with 30 slot bags.  I figured that I might as well put all of those alts hanging about in their garrisons waiting for their turn in the Broken Isles to use.

It is funny, at times, to see the array of bags that my characters have.  There are plenty of 16 slot mageweave bags, along with a fair number of the old school, no-bind, 16 slot traveler’s backpack.  I remember when getting one of those as a drop was a big deal.

There are bags that were quest rewards and bag that were drops from old raids that I ran back and did once I was high enough level to solo them.

I even have the Haris Pilton “Gigantique” from back in the Burning Crusade era.  A 22 slot bag for 1,200 gold, a time when both 22 slots and 1,200 gold seemed like a lot.  I did not, however, bother to buy the so-called “Portable Hole” bag from Haris Pilton, a Wrath of the Lich King era addition to her stock.  It wasn’t because it was too expensive, though you can get a 30-slot hexweave bag for less these days, but because nearly seven years back it simply annoyed me that Blizzard decided to use that name for what is otherwise a rather modest sized bag.

I’ve looked in a portable hole before, it holds more than 24 slots worth of stuff.

3 thoughts on “Meanwhile Back in the Garrison

  1. bhagpuss

    Heh! That original linked post was from before I started reading TAGN. I must go back and read all your back pages someday.

    When I played AD&D at some point relatively early on our party acquired a Portable Hole and we used it ever after. It pretty much rendered weight restrictions meaningless and allowed us to return to the city to hock Grand Pianos and chandeliers we’d liberated from various vampire lords. I seem to recall the DM eventually got fed up of this and contrived to have our Hole destroyed or lost in some fashion.

    I could really use one now in just about every game I play.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – Always a rookie DM mistake, giving the players some powerful magic item. I recall one DM who gave us a Deck of Many Things early in a campaign, on a whim, because he thought it would be fun, and then we kept pulling cards out of it, first to see if we could get something cool and then, as things went badly, to see if we could get something that would retrieve the situation. The campaign never got anywhere, all of our characters were dead, and the deck was deemed to have been lost. We couldn’t even start the campaign over because somebody would always insist on stopping to look for the deck. We couldn’t say what we were doing, but we would go back to about where it was lost and suddenly become very interested in searching every nook and cranny.

    @anon – Maybe. At this point, once I finish up the quest lines in the Broken Isles, I think I only have to finish up a couple zones in Outland to get it.


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