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Spaceship Pageantry in Amarr

Yesterday say the ascension of Caitiz of House Tash-Murkon, chosen through the Imperial succession trials after Empress Jamyl Sarum I was slain by drifters, to lead Amarr.  At the end of the coronation she was Her Majesty Empress Catiz I of Holy Amarr, First Apostle of the True Faith, and Sovereign Defender of the Imperial Rite.

After the ceremony, the Empress addressed assembled capsuleers and the assembled Fleet of the Imperial Guard.

The Fleet of the Imperial Guard

The Fleet of the Imperial Guard

There were attempts to interrupt the address, but it went ahead as planned.  The text of the formal address:

Esteemed Officers of the Imperial Guard, defenders of the faith, protectors of the sovereignty of Holy Amarr. It is an honor that my first address as Head of State is made before servicemen and women from the Imperial Armed Forces who have served the Empire with such courage and devotion over the course of their careers.

Capsuleers, both loyalist and independent, who have served the Empire in a time of need, successfully thwarting the attacks of a heretical enemy naming themselves ‘Purity of the Throne’.

My Imperial Guard escort wears their colors in defiance, as a tribute to your tenacity on the field of battle. It is a privilege to address each and every one of you.

I find myself humbled to see the familiar colors of so many loyalist organizations I have come to know and respect during my short tenure as heiress to the estate of my family.

Today, I leave behind that legacy and my family name, humbled under the watchful gaze of the Lord, as his servant, chosen by divine rite. I see that my champion, Lord Kelon Darkight is present. May the Lord bless him for his prowess in combat.

Today, I step forward to lead the people of Amarr into a new era.

An era of prosperity, an era of growth. An era of change, and progress.

For too long our course has been unsteady, our path uneven and unsure, rocky and infirm.

The loss of two great leaders in a little over a decade, the noble and wise Doriam II, the fierce and devoted Jamyl I, has left our people reeling in a storm of uncertainty, our future clouded and unclear.

Today, that lack of clarity ends. Today, our future is in our hands, and His light shines down upon us.

Today, together, we stand firm at the beginning of a new path. A path that takes us on a journey paved with prosperity for loyal subjects of the faith.

A journey, the first fleeting steps of which we take today, that marks a turning point for this great Empire and sets us on a course to stability, security and opportunity.

To ensure an end to the atrocities we have borne witness to and experienced at the hands of those who would defy the word of God.

However, with great military power comes great responsibility. The might and the honor of the Imperial Armed Forces will be restored, and with it we will usher in a new generation of capsuleers to support the Golden Fleet.

Tens of thousands more capsuleers will graduate from the Imperial Academy to join our already established and prized loyalist forces, in the largest expansion to our pod pilot training program ever conceived.

To support this growth, our administration will work to make the Imperial economy a powerhouse of activity, with new foreign policy and trade legislation that opens up our markets to the cluster like never before.

The future of this glorious Empire is in our hands. In your hands, and with the Empire’s might at your backs, this will be a defining moment in the history of Holy Amarr, and the legacy of the capsuleer.

This will be your Ascension!

Amarr Victor!

This all took place during the EUTZ evening and the middle of the day in the US.  Those who could attend got there, including Chribba.  The rest of us had to roll in to see the spectacle when we could manage it.  I popped in with an alt last night to see the Fleet of the Imperial Guard arrayed before Amarr Prime.  I happened to get there in time to see a Paladin class Marauder circling the event station and launching fireworks.

A celebratory Paladin

A celebratory Paladin

It was none other than Max Singularity.

Space Pope in flight

Space Pope in flight

Though I met him in person at EVE Vegas last year, and heard him on coms during fleets when we went to purge heretic in Providence, I don’t think I had actually seen him in space until last night.

Who puts a bounty on a pope? Heretics do.

Who puts a bounty on a pope? Heretics do!

All of which was a bit of New Eden lore put on display for people, and which got quite a turnout, with Amarr local reported to have passed 2K players in system during the ceremony.  I generally follow the lore loosely.  I am not immersed in it, but I keep an eye on it and run through some of the events that come up now and again, like the recent Purity of the Throne.

Of course, it was expected that something might happen… drifter attacker, purist incursion, or some other distraction… but nothing happened save for some player activity, which was dealt with but which itself becomes part of the lore.

Which is about the best you can expect in a sandbox, where the players are supposed to… and in this case largely do… run off and create their own content.  New Eden is already a tapestry of individual and group tales, so CCP generated game lore has to weave its own path, careful not to step on our own stories.

For a while now Amarr has been a place to see things you do not normally see in high sec.  Leaving aside Chribba and the only high sec dreadnought, there have been a group of titans parked off the station for a while and now the Fleet of the Imperial Guard is arrayed in the system for people to see… for a while.

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And then more screen shots.  You’ll never see a player fleet so arrayed.  We travel in blobs that get stretched out as we move. (An epic travel blob here.)  I think you need dev tools to get ships lined up so nicely.