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Project: Gorgon Returns to Crowdfunding

In August of 2015 Project: Gorgon, on its third run at a Kickstarter, succeeded and raised nearly $75K to fund development of the game.


Since then a lot of changes have come to the game.  However, they are back for another crowdfunding campaign.  This time the game is going the Indiegogo route.

Three reasons were given for the new funding effort.

  • Allow people interested in the game to support it using PayPal, as they only support credit cards on the game’s site.
  • Cover expenses like server costs and third party development during this non-revenue time frame.
  • Cover the costs of some planned and “wish list” features

The target amount of the campaign, like the previous Kickstarter, is $20,000.  As of today they are closing in on the $4,000 mark.

Indiegogo campaign

Indiegogo campaign

As noted in past posts, with Indiegogo you can do a “flexible goal” campaign, wherein you get all the funds pledged, even if the campaign does not reach its goal.

The campaign itself runs through the end of the month, and as part of that they have created a new trailer for the game.

While I have poked my nose in on the game from time to time, I am personally waiting for it to hit the “ready for Steam” stage before I spend any serious time with it.

If you missed the links embedded in the post above, you can find the Indiegogo campaign page here.