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Kunark Ascending Goes Live in Norrath

Norrath remains in danger from Lanys T’Vyl and her pursuit of power! It is up to you to keep Lanys T’Vyl from acquiring the third and final Chaos Stone. Return to Kunark to stop Lanys from ushering in a new age of power. Will you stand against the Tenets of Hate? Adventures await you in Kunark Ascending, EverQuest II’s 13th expansion!

-Kunark Ascending promo text

Next on this week’s list of new arrivals (and the second to derive a title from the root word “ascend”) is Kunark Ascending, the 13th expansion for EverQuest II (plus 4 adventure packs along the way as well), which landed yesterday, close to the game’s 12th birthday.

Launched November 15, 2016

Launched November 15, 2016

As the name indicates, the expansion returns to one of the “classic” locations in Norrath, the island of Kunark, which was the setting for the first EverQuest expansion, Ruins of Kunark, more than 16 years ago.

The expansion gets you the following:

  • 1 New Overland Zone
  • 12 New Heroic zones
  • 1 Challenge Heroic Zone
  • 8 New Solo Zones
  • 4 New Advanced Solo Zones
  • 6 New Raid Zones
  • More than 50 New Solo and Heroic Quests
  • More than 65 New Collection Quests
  • 4 New Archetypal Epic 2.0 Quest Lines
  • 4 New Ascension Classes
  • New Wardrobe Function
  • New Mercenary Gear Feature
  • Level 100 Character Boost
  • Access to All Previous Expansions

I borrowed most of that list from the top of the EQ2 Wire Kunark Ascending FAQ which goes into the features of the expansion in great detail. (Feldon also has the expansion deployment patch notes available as well.)  You should at least browse that if the expansion interests you.

I was actually considering purchasing the expansion due to the level 100 character boost and my current disinterest in the WoW Legion expansion.  The character boost would vault me into the current content at least, though there is no doubt some complexity in that.  Plus I would have to figure out which character to boost, since I used the free level 95 character boost they were handing out a while ago on what I would consider my “main” character already.  Would be a bit silly to use the new boost to jump him just five levels.  And then there is the question as to whether my disinterest in WoW at the moment is just WoW or would it apply to any fantasy MMORPG.  Some days you just don’t want to don your tabard and go swing a sword in any fantasy world.

Still, it is there and waiting, level 100 boost included, should I want to join in.  The expansion comes in the usual three levels of excess, with a 10% discount if you are an all access subscriber… and if you’re serious enough about the game to buy the expansion I have to figure you’re down for all access as well.

Premium packages available for premium prices

Premium packages available for premium prices

The standard edition will be enough for me when the time comes.

There is also a launch trailer, if you need that to tempt you.

Meanwhile, a couple of bloggers have already dipped their toes into Kunark Ascending.

Ascension Login Trials

I went through last night and made sure the four EVE Online accounts I have all had their email addresses verified.  I managed to assign each one a different email address, but the verification links all went through okay.

Today, however, upon arriving home, I have only been able to get into two of those accounts.  Fortunately, Wilhelm was one of them.  He got logged in and was given the message about being an Omega Clone.

Omega means being able to do all the things

Omega means being able to do all the things

I also got a glimpse of the new character sheet.

Just over three days until he can fit Tech II triage

Just over three days until he can fit Tech II triage

Dealing with skills is a little bit… well… fiddly now.  Every time you mouse over something an info window springs into view, sometimes just where you don’t want it to be.  But at least you don’t have to turn the queue on and off again to clone jump any more.  Or so I’ve been told.

I was also able to get an alt up and going.  Verification code arrived via email, no problem.

But the other two accounts, neither of them got their code, despite the fact that both of them got their verification links in the mail just the night before.  Probably not coincidentally, both of those accounts have a Yahoo email address, a legacy of past times.  I wouldn’t make a new Yahoo email address on a dare these days, as everything they touch just turns to shit.

Anyway, that is where I stand.  Two accounts good, two accounts somewhere in the weeds.  Going to the CCP site and trying to do account recovery also yielded no email response.  Nothing in the spam folder, no response visible at all.  So either there is a problem sending to Yahoo accounts or Yahoo is eating the email responses somewhere along the way.