EVE Online Passes 50K Players Online Again

Today saw the concurrent user count in EVE Online pass the 50,000 mark, and the day is not over yet. (Though we are heading out of EUTZ prime time.)

Approximately 19:00 UTC

Approximately 19:00 UTC

Yesterday saw the count pass the 46K mark, surpassing the 2015 high water mark of 45,637 set back in January of that year.

The 2015 high watermark

The 2015 high watermark

We’re still 15K players shy of the all time high player count of 65,303 set back in May of 2013, but numbers are significantly higher than they have been, as the online peaks have been capping out just beyond the 30K mark on weekends since the Casino War wound down back in June.

This all comes because the Ascension expansion, launched this past Tuesday, added the “Alpha clone” option which allows players to play without subscribing, a feature which brought with it a spike in new character creation.

You can see when free hit this past week

You can see when free hit this past week

The catch is that Alpha clones only have access to a limited range of skills to work with, and they train those skills at half the rate of subscribers.

Of course, the question of the hour is whether or not all these new players… or returning old players… or current players just making alts and checking out the revised new player experience… will stick around and add some money to CCP’s bottom line.  I have noted in the past that every MMO free conversion is rewarded with a spike in players, but the “happy time” after such conversions can be limited unless the game in question continues to adapt in order to keep players.

Data, aside from the first screen shot, taken from EVE Offline, which keeps a historical record of user count and new user creation.

9 thoughts on “EVE Online Passes 50K Players Online Again

  1. gevlon

    PCU of a F2P game is not comparable to a subscription game, as we cannot verify that the new “players” are actually players and not:
    – bots started by goldsellers
    – 256 accounts on virtual machines by a single WH dude placing eyes to every WH he can find
    – 256 catalyst accounts of James 315
    – CCP guys starting accounts just to create a false hype

    And these are top on the usual “plays for free and never pays a dime or provides any content to anyone” players who flood F2P games.


  2. SynCaine

    But didn’t some little troll tell us that once New Jita was formed (that formed, right?) EVE was dead? Someone please help stop these facts from penetrating my tinfoil hat, it hurts!


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gevlon – Unless you believe that CCP’s code meant to keep people from logging on any additional accounts once an Alpha is logged in simply doesn’t work, I am not sure how half your examples fit into things. Who has hacked this and can log in 256 Alphas?


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gevlon – I work with VMs every day. I have two big VM systems in the lab and run two on my desktop at work when I need to. You’re going to need something better than that to make me think 256 of a system… or more than two or three… is a viable plan. Or are you joining Dinsdale on the all power RMT cartel conspiracy?

    And what are you on about anyway? I know you’re on the big CCP hate thing, so you can’t even allow that they might have broken the 50K mark by offering free samples? At least when it comes to character creation, the past two free Steam weekends have show pretty significant activity.

    Besides which, I noted at the end of my post that this doesn’t matter much unless it boosts the bottom line, which seems to be your basic point as well. But you seem to be fixated on an extreme example because you just don’t want to think CCP can attract anybody new.

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