The Pokemon 20th Anniversary Finishes Up with a Meloetta Event and More

As the end of 2016 looms, the final download event for the Pokemon 20th Anniversary celebration is at hand.  The last mythical/legendary Pokemon on the list is Meloetta.

The last anniversary download

The last anniversary download

Meloetta was introduced as a special event Pokemon in the generation V games, Pokemon Black & White and Pokemon Black Version 2 & White Version 2.  Since then, the only way to get it into the generation VI games was via the Poke Transporter part of Pokemon Bank.  So if you missed it back then, now is your chance to get one.

This is another direct download event, so there is no need to visit GameStop for a card.  The instructions for downloading Meloetta are on the Pokemon site.  As usual, the event is for Pokemon X & Y or Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire on the Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL.  I thought it *might* work on Pokemon Sun & Moon this month, but no such luck.

Still, there are things to get in Pokemon Sun & Moon.  There is a level 5 Munchlax still available for download until January 11, 2017 and the special Ash-Greninja that you get at the end of the demo version of the games that you can then transfer over to either Sun or Moon.  And just this past week they announced that the mythical Pokemon Magearna is available.

Magearna in Sun & Moon

Magearna in Sun & Moon

Magearna is not a download however.  Instead, once you finish the main storyline and defeat the usual champions at the end, you can scan a QA Code to get Magearna.  The details are available here.

I haven’t finished the story yet in Pokemon Sun & Moon yet.  I have been moving at a slow to moderate pace, trying to get to the next waypoint each evening.  But there are all sorts of side tasks to do as well, so I have been taking my time.

And then there is Pokemon Go, where the news has been leaked that the game will be teaming up with Starbucks for a promotional event starting today, with what sounds like a special Pokestop or Gym in every Starbucks location.  There is also a rumor that we may soon get an update that will add second generation Pokemon to those in the wild, giving people another 100 to catch.  I’ve only caught 100 out of the first batch of 150.

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