Claim Your Daily Yoiul Gifts in EVE Online!

Starting today, December 14, the Yoiul Festival is live in EVE Online. to celebrate the season and the coming of YC119. (Also noted on the Updates page)

There will be a new gift to redeem in game every day for twelve days.  Today’s gift, the first on the list, is a set of four frigate SKINs, one for each of the empires, covering the Amarr Punisher, the Caldri Kestrel, the Gallente Incursus, and the Minmatar Rifter.

Yoiul Festival SKINs

Yoiul Festival SKINs

I was happy with that, but I am a fan of SKINs.

A key part of this is that you must log in every day to claim that day’s gift.  As noted by CCP:

Each gift will be present for 24 hours, until 23:59:59 UTC, when it will be replaced by the next gift. Be sure to log in and claim your gifts from your redeeming system to avoid missing out!

If you don’t log in, you don’t get your gift.

Remember that the days are counted from UTC and not your local time.  Being on the west coast of the US, I was able to claim the first day’s gift at 16:00 local time on the 13th, which is when the date changes in New Eden.

Also, there have been some issues reported with redeeming gifts, to which CCP has responded.  I could not find the first one I redeemed in my inventory, but after I had logged out and back in again it appeared.

Addendum: You can also get some holiday themed EVE Online graphics.

20 thoughts on “Claim Your Daily Yoiul Gifts in EVE Online!

  1. Krumm

    I was wondering why I had my gift yesterday evening and they had said the 14th. Looks like I got a handful of all white skins very much like the purity for Amarr skins. You only notice when looking at the other factions that they have white and grey depending on the ship. Sense I love White Amarr ships its great. The white Mimmitar ships are quite….bright in white. I am wondering if every day for the next 12 we going to be getting some 5 skins.

    If it is one thing I want its the ability to make my ships look like junk. Ever seen a smuggler in a nice shinning ship? No I want the rust collection. Lets get a collection for all factions that makes em look rundown and dilapidated! Id buy that skin set.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Krumm – Well, ships get dirty as you use them, so while you can’t make it really look like junk (unless you fly Minmatar, in which case rust collection achieved) ships can look grungy.


  3. Krumm

    Day 2 – got the t-shirt… I am wondering if there is a random element at all or are the gifts completely the same for each individual. I got a white skin for the rifter, kestrel, imicus, and punisher. One for each faction for frigates. There could be a trend? are destroyers next? I was hoping its actually random because then it makes it easier to trade with friends for the faction you like to fly. This is my first Christmas in EVE so Its all new to me.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Krumm – As somebody with multiple accounts I can log into now… go Alpha clones… I can confirm that everybody gets the same present every day. I think CCP learned their lesson on that a couple of years back when everybody got the same present, but they were in a random order for everybody, and the usual percentage of people freaked out early and complained. The only nice things we can have are the identical ones we all get at exactly the same time.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Krumm – Of course, I wrote than and now the Day 3 gift does appear to be different for different people. It appears that you get a SKIN for the logi frigate of the race of the character with whom you redeem the gift. My Caldari pilot got the Burst SKIN, while my Amarr alt got the Navitas. Gotta find a Gallente and a Minmatar and see if I can collect them all.

    Addendum: Heh, the Navitas is the Gallente logi and Burst is Minmatar, so my pattern assumption is not correct. Also my brain must be in low power mode. But they are different.

    Addendum 2: And my third character (Gallente) got a Crucifier SKIN, so it appears to be just a random Frigate SKIN today.


  6. Krumm

    I Share your issue with one day not getting a Probe skin that a Corp fellow had gotten? Did you get a white skin for a Probe?


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I logged in at 00:15 for my day 7 gift… and there was no day 7 gift to redeem! I guess I will check back later.

    Update – There was some problem yesterday with bots creating accounts to redeem the learning accelerator, so today’s gift is just 15% off in the EVE Online store. This is why we cannot have nice things.

    Update 2 – CCP also threw 300 Aurum at any account that logged in on the 19th, which is just shy of the amount needed to buy a frigate ship SKIN, all of which are priced around 400 Aurum. Still, it is something.


  8. Krumm

    Ahh so they figured out that people where fuming about the fact that they didn’t bother to give us a box. I kept checking and kept checking. Played through the new-player Minmitar starting scenario to have that experience and checked back again before bed. It want until after I asked my corp if any of them had gotten their gifts that we looked and found out that it was a booby prize. They could have at least sent us a note in a box like all the other days. a lump of coal even.

    The idea that your gift is a chance to save is not a gift which is why they probably had to then turn around and give us some aurum. Ill take that as a gift and stop grumbling about yesterday. that now puts me at 330 as I had a smidgen left over from some point in the past.

    SO I take it after the fact that these skill boosts where tradable? I had consumed my happily with out much thought. Does EVE had a bind on pickup?


  9. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Krumm – Yes, day 7 could have been handled better. The problem with the announcements is that only a small part of the game population follows them on social media, so I am sure even with an note in the launcher there are a lot of people wondering where their gift is. I hope CCP popped an in-game notification about it.

    And to my knowledge, aside from ship rigs and neural implants, there is no such thing as bind on equip for general items in your hangar. There are some things you cannot sell on the market, but I think you can put everything up on contract or pass them on in direct trades.


  10. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    For Day 8 it looks like another random SKIN and two hats, one male one female.

    Addendum: My alt got an Ibis SKIN, which is probably my favorite skin now. I want those for all my Caldari pilots.


  11. Krumm

    I understand ware able keep sakes. but I got a hull fragment off of some Amarr ship! This makes me think that there big surprise on Christmas will be lackluster? have they given nice presents on Christmas in the past?


  12. Krumm

    Yea its Christmas and Im wondering where my Really Awesome gift is from CCP. Anyhow Marry Christmas all and to you Wilhelm.


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