EVE Online Launcher Problems

Well, I finished work and came home to find this response when I try to log into New Eden.


Hitting “Ignore” terminates things and hitting “Cancel” shows me a brief glimpse of the launcher, and then it goes away.

There is a thread up in the forums about it with suggestions from people as to how they have (or have not) been able to get around this, but so far no joy here and no official word from CCP.

Have to collect my daily Yoiul Gifts later once there is a fix I guess.

Addendum: I ran the launcher over and over and eventually it got past the error, but there was no rhyme or reason as to why it didn’t work the previous times or why it worked that time.

2 thoughts on “EVE Online Launcher Problems

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Zgeik – I suspect that it was some sort of temporary issue that hit people trying to log in during a certain time frame. New additions to the forum thread from people seeing the problem tapered off.


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