YC119.1 Update Recalled, YC118.10 Rolled Back to New Eden

Today was patch day for EVE Online, and we were supposed to get the first update of 2017, or YC119 as it is styled in the distant future of internet spaceships.

The actual official patch graphic

The actual official patch graphic

However, according to an update from CCP, the code deployed with the update was problematic.

Due to an issue with the 119.1 release which resulted in server stability issues after its deployment, we will be re-deploying the 118.10 release while we work on a fix.

This led to an extended downtime as 118.10 was restored to Tranquility.  TQ was initially taken down just before 12:00 UTC when problems were first noticed, with the roll back being completed, with the server cluster eventually back online for players as of 13:15 UTC according to the forum update.

CCP did not say exactly what caused the instability and nothing in the YC119.1 patch notes jumps out at me as a likely suspect, the update seeming to be mostly adjustments to current features as opposed to anything new.  Maybe is was those Mordu’s Legion SKINs listed on the updates page.  We haven’t had a patch day failure in ages.

So the patch has been pushed back while CCP figures out what went awry.  We can still listen to the launch theme, which carries the now mildly ironic title, “The Ones We Left Behind.”


5 thoughts on “YC119.1 Update Recalled, YC118.10 Rolled Back to New Eden

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Yadot – I cannot recall one off hand that got rolled back, though several have required emergency, same-day patches or have kept TQ offline for extended periods. And then there was the boot.ini patch day.

    @SynCaine – As somebody who has to get IT to deploy customer facing software to production, a lot of the easy/hard depends on what the build changed. For us, sometimes you can just run the previous install script and it will lay down all the right files and you’re set, roll back complete.

    And then there are the times when the install includes a change to your database schema and there is no going back because it literally takes IT 10x longer to restore a database image than it does to fix any problem no matter how severe. That is based on IT’s time estimates, which I secretly believe they say are that long because they just realized yet again that their automated backup software hasn’t been backing up the right files on the right machine.


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