Would You Rather Fight Than Switch?

We got all sorts of new information about the upcoming Nintendo Switch console yesterday including price ($300), launch date (March 3rd), region locking (none), and that you can pre-order RIGHT NOW!

And of course there will be Mario Kart

And of course there will be Mario Kart

Every gaming news sight worth that title has some sort of story up about Nintendo’s new console today, with more to follow as demos commence.  This is the moment we have been waiting for since the initial announcement back in October.

I have to admit I like the Switch on paper at least.  I like the size, the light weight design, the mobility, and the built-in screen that makes it a portable.  The latter is important in a one TV household.

Oddly, one feature that drew my attention is the ability to take a screen shot of game play.  As a blogger who charts his gaming journey through his writing, the ability to set a scene with a screen shot rather than the MS Paint that are my words has direct appeal.  Not sure that is a tipping point level feature, but it is interesting.

And then there is the price.  $300 seems like a good compromise price.  I think at $250 it would be a no-brainer purchase for people and that at the $350 mark that was rumored just before the announcement the Switch started to creep too close to XBox and PS4 territory so that you might have to start considering is games exclusive to the Switch would be worth the commitment.  But at $300 it is just far enough away that it can fall into the impulse purchase zone for some.

On the flip side, I am not really a console gamer.  We got a Wii back in 2007 and I picked up a PlayStation 3 in 2011 after the prices had gone way down.  The Wii got a LOT of play at our house.  My daughter and I used to play games on the Wii every weekend for hours and hours.

However, my daughter was 5 years old when we got the Wii and would wake me up early on Saturday morning so we could start playing.  Now she is 15, I am not sure she has seen a Saturday morning before 10am lately, and if she wants me to do anything with her on the weekend it is to teach her to drive so she can get her license in a year.

Meanwhile the PlayStation 3 has been mostly a video playing device since we bought it.  My daughter did enjoy Little Big Planet, but after that wore off it has been more about Netflix and Amazon Prime.  We could replace it with a Roku box if it wasn’t for the fact that it is also our Blu-Ray player.

And the last console I owned before those two was a SEGA Genesis back in 1992.  And the console before that was an Atari 2600 way back in 1977.  I’ve been a PC gamer since 1983 and online since 1986.  I never had a NES or a SNES or an N64, so lack any Mario nostalgia.  My Nintendo franchise of choice is Pokemon, which probably explains why we have more DS series handhelds (2x DS Lite, 1x DSi, 1x DSi XL, 2x 3DS XL) sitting around the house than the count of living room consoles systems I have ever owned.

So for me, while I like the idea of the Switch, I haven’t seen anything compelling that makes me want to run out and pre-order today.  $300 isn’t a bad price, but that same $300 would go a long ways towards replacing my 14 year old Dell 1600×1200 monitor with something bigger and better, which would have a much greater impact on my gaming… and would probably also require me to upgrade my video card.

That is where I stand.  I like the Switch.  At this point in time, if I was going to buy a living room console, the Switch would be a serious contender.  But there isn’t enough there yet to make it an automatic purchase.  It seems fresher than the Sony and Microsoft offerings, but it isn’t as magical as the Wii seemed back in 2006.

How about you and the Switch?  Any interest?  Time for a poll?

If the poll above doesn’t appear for you, there are always the comments below.

10 thoughts on “Would You Rather Fight Than Switch?

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Placeholder comment for Other responses to the poll:

    -It will be as bigger failure than the Wii U
    -I have no idea what it is!
    -I’d take one as a gift because I like the design but I don’t need a console.


  2. Jameson York

    My parents had an Atari, but I really grew up with the Nintendo, SNES, and the 64 came just before High School. I never bothered getting a Cube because I already had a single friend with one, and one per 4 people was all anyone needed. I got the Wii pretty early, but it’s not even been plugged in for years now (new TV = system cull). I never got a Wii U (who did, right?), so if I want some modern and relentlessly family friendly gaming for my small children, it looks like this will be it. It’s definitely going to need to have some better games for children before I jump though – Skylanders doesn’t count because I can already get it for Xbox, and unless it’s Steel Battalion my hard limit for a “full” game is about $90.
    My older son turns 4 on the day this launches, so probably I will end up getting one of these, but almost certainly not the first day it’s out. In fact the more I look at it, the more I realize probably it’s all going to be Virtual Console games for the kids almost exclusively, so I may as well just dust off the Wii or my actual N64 and let him play my childhood on hardware I already own.
    The ability to easily take it with us when we go on trips and let me game with the TV while my son sits next to me playing a different game makes it slightly more attractive, but not really $300 worth. And once again the selling points start to sound like just a console that costs less (3DS), so I’m having a really hard time selling myself on it.
    I want to like it – I have some fond memories of getting whistles, and jelly beans, and 3D rail shooting (SNES Star Fox does not hold up well at all to memory, BTW), but I don’t know if the Nintendo hubris will ever let them make a console that I am excited about. I mean, other than the Classic if I can ever find one.


  3. Mbp

    Thumbs up to another 1 TV household. We never succumbed to the trend of putting TVs in every room of the house ourselves. Now of course we have at least a dozen other devices in the house capable of playing movies and TV shows but at least the principle stands. We recently built a lounge extension and briefly considered putting a second TV in there but my wife put her foot down insisting she wanted to relax without her view being obscured by a big TV screen. As a compromise we put in a discrete roof mounted projector and a retractable screen. Best decision ever. Great for movie nights but very discrete when not being used.

    As to the Switch it depends entirely on the games and on the launch titles in particular. I don’t think Wii would have been nearly so successful without Wii sports.


  4. Atherne

    This does have some appeal, if only to play a new Mario game. If some classic Gameboy and NES titles were available, more appealing still.
    Your comment about that money going toward another system is right! I could put it towards a PS4 and play the Uncharted games, and the Last of Us, Full Throttle Remastered (why choose this platform for that game, agh!), and if compatible, I always wanted to play Hard Rain.


  5. Isey

    Nice Thomas Todd reference – which I only knew due to my Public Enemy Hip Hop days. Took me a bit to sort out why it seemed so familiar!


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Isey – You mean the title? It is from the 60s/70s ad campaign for Tareyton cigarettes. If you see something here and think it might be an obscure hip hop reference, it is far more likely that it goes back to some common source that predates what you’re aiming at.

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