The Run for CSM 12 Begins Soon

CCP put up a dev post yesterday about the upcoming elections for the twelfth Council of Stellar Management.

Round 12 coming up!

Round 12 coming up!

Happens every year, so not exactly a surprise to people familiar with the body.

The surprising bit is that the current CSM session hasn’t been a drama shit show like the previous couple.  Nobody has been removed for breaking the NDA.  There haven’t been any long and emotional editorials or proposals about what the CSM should be doing or what its relationship with CCP ought to be that I have seen.  CCP didn’t feel the need to extend the “No Sions” rule to anybody else.  There were no boycotts.  And I haven’t heard any tales of CSM members being wrung out and soured by the whole experience.

A year ago people were wondering aloud if the CSM was headed for closure. At this same announcement in 2016 I was asking what was to be done.

Now, not so much.

The tenure of CSM11 has been fairly quiet.  I think the biggest CSM drama over the last year was Bobmon going to bat for I Want ISK, only to find out that Bobmon was a banker I Want ISK.  And since casinos were banned in the end, that bit of attempting to help his own interests didn’t add up to much.  The RMT barons got theirs, a happy ending for the game.

But other than that, and the occasional attempt to make hay over CSM meeting attendance on Reddit, the CSM hasn’t been news, headline or otherwise.

Granted, we have had other things to chew on.  There was the bitter Casino War that dominated the news for a few months.  And then there were the Citadel and Ascension expansions, the latter allowing people to participate in the game without having a subscription.  But CSM drama is like a bad smell; it becomes hard to ignore, even when other issues are occupying your mind.

So what happened?  Did we somehow just elect a perfect slate of brotherly love? (I don’t think there are any sisters on the rolls this time around, are there?)  Certainly the predicted XenuriApocalypse of footwear issues didn’t come to pass.  And I haven’t seen anything bubble up about CSM members talking out of school.

Or was it the change in management?

A year ago CCP Falcon and CCP Leeloo were running the show as the Combative/Deny Everything duo.  That might be unfair to CCP Leeloo, but certainly not to CCP Falcon who seems to revel in the tough guy, HTFU attitude of the game and who was shoveling nonsense about the CSM having some control over their status just a year back.

They were replaced before the CSM11 elections by CCP Guard, a long respected member of the CCP team, and CCP Logibro, who maintains a serious level of chill of his own accord. (Though I do wonder if there is some sort of maximum height limit for the community team at CCP as I don’t think many of them come up much past my shoulder.)

And since that change, it seems to have been smooth sailing.

I still wonder as to the efficacy of the CSM.  It still strikes me as a bit of a student council.  Its members still lack agency, and necessarily so as a customer advisory council.  And its membership still overwhelmingly reflects the groups in the game that know how to organize by necessity, which is to say the null sec alliances.  But at least it stopped being a public embarrassment to CCP.

So on we go!

The key dates for CSM 12 are:

  • February 3 – 17: Candidacy application period
  • February 17 – 28: Application processing period
  • February 28: Candidates for CSM 12 are announced
  • March 6 – 26: CSM 12 Voting period
  • April 6: CSM 12 election results are announced

The biggest change since last year is the presence of Alpha clones, the non-subscribers, who can run for a seat on the CSM, but who cannot vote.  Franchise for Omega landowners only, you peasant alpacas!

There are, of course, all sorts of details about the hurdles of applying and running for the CSM, which are covered in gritty detail over at The Nosy Gamer.  If you want to immerse yourself, I recommend going there to get your fill.

Anyway, let the election season begin.  Xenuria 2017!

6 thoughts on “The Run for CSM 12 Begins Soon

  1. bhagpuss

    Hang on…alphas can run but they can’t vote? That seems…idiosyncratic. I understand the not voting part, which you’d expect in any game with a F2P/Sub split but what’s the logic of allowing them to run? And if an Alpha was elected, which would be 100% by subbed Omega accounts, what would their constituency be? They clearly wouldn’t be representing other Alphas and why would Omegas need, or even want, an Alpha as a rep?

    Is there any real-world electoral system that this is modeled on? If so I’d be fascinated to learn more about how that works.


  2. Jesse Low (@Bayonnefrog)

    Leelo got demoted because she didn’t do a very good job and was out of her league. I was actually in the eve Slack CSM channel the moment Mittani questioned Leelo about the “No Sion” rule. He asked her multiple pointed question to which she couldn’t give any valid response and then quietly disapeared and didn’t come back. We then found out a few weeks later she was demoted.


  3. Raziel Walker

    I heard so little about the CSM this year they might as well have been disbanded. At the very least I am obviously not involved enough anymore that I am going to vote.


  4. Catalina de Erauso

    @bhagpuss: an Alpha can be a formerly Omega with years of experience but no longer paying a subscription. Alpha =/= (not equal to) new player.


  5. Krumm

    I vote for cheese and circus!

    …anyway Aren’t there Corp leaders out there that barley get on? Do we know how many people participate in EVE that don’t have active accounts…before the introduction of alphas? I feel that If you give alphas the ability to be participants then you give access to the potential of having highly seasoned veterans of the game be able to participate and effect change without having to worry about account status. Is it not good to have their insight included. Perhaps you could call it the electoral college versus the popular vote…where in the popular vote all accounts have a voice.

    Again I am a noob when it comes to EVE politics. I spent most of my time talking to rocks and belt rats. Although being in an Industrial guild my Crop leader is so very existed about all the ships being blown up in the current war. Seems its good for business.


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