Fighters and Faxes and Capital Plans

I have had a carrier for a while now.  I picked up the hull back in September 2013 and managed to jump it home successfully on the first try.

First successful jump

First successful jump was to 0P-F3K

That was back in the then CFC when the big push to get everybody into carriers… specifically the Archon… was a thing.  That was also when an Archon pilot with Jump Drive Calibration V could hop 14 ly at a go and didn’t have to worry about jump fatigue.

I don’t think I ever got the Archon fully fit and I was still short a couple of skills so I couldn’t apply to CapSwarm until that was complete.  But I could get into CrapSwarm, the group for people who own capitals so they can get in on move ops but aren’t there yet for actual combat ops.



Back then I “only” had 110 million skill points and there were still subcap skills I needed, so I put carrier skills on the back burner for a bit while I worked on those.  I had been in the coalition for nearly two years and there wasn’t really a war going on for us at the time, the Fountain War having wrapped up.  The Halloween war was brewing, but I had put my all into the last war and skated through that, though I managed to show up at B-R5RB.  Not in a carrier, just a neuting Dominix.

Then there was Reavers, which meant focusing on subcaps ever more so and then the Casino War, where the Archon helped me stay ahead of our crumbling northern empire as I jumped out of Tribute then Pure Blind just ahead of trouble.  That all culminated in the retreat to Delve, most of which I covered on my own, and the Archon carried a lot of my stuff with it.

Exotic stations under strange stars

Exotic stations under strange stars

Once in the south, there was the conquest of Delve and settling in to our new region before capitals and, more importantly, capital production became a priority again.  Then the call was for force auxiliaries, the capital log ships.  Only two of the four fax machines were recommended, the Minokawa and the Apostle, but since I had trained up for the Archon already, I was well on my way to the Apostle as well.  I put in an order for one after The Mittani pushed us to have a couple on hand, they being the apparent key to any supercap battle, and started back on the capital ship training plan.

About a month after I ordered it, I had an Apostle.  However, I wanted to wrap up training to be able to fit a tech II triage module to it, so it took a bit longer until I was ready to apply to CapSwarm.

Medical White Apostle

Medical White Apostle, with a Minokawa in the background

Eventually I was trained up, had a fully fitted Apostle (I stole a lot of the modules from the Archon and its list of “required to have” items) that I really had no idea how to use.  I mean, I guess it is just a big logi ship, so that part is simple enough; put reps on big things that ask.  But capitals are also serious business, and I’ve seen a few “if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t go on capital ops” notes over the years.  I was also set back a bit by the “read this first” guides for CapSwarm, which seemed out of date and assumed you were in GSF.  Meanwhile, asking questions on Jabber got me “just jump in with the fleet and die quietly” level responses.  I don’t even mind losing the ship, I just don’t want to do so because I am clueless and I really don’t want to do something that screws up an op.  I’ve already had, “Oh my God” level responses for asking simple questions while on the move op to Rakapas.  So I opted to stick with supcaps ops, leaving my Apostle back in staging, hoping for a an updated guide or training op or something.

Now, however, there is a new call to train for capitals.  This time we’re back to carriers, which have been deemed especially effective against sub caps.  Somewhere along the line I had trained up fighters, because having a carrier and not being able to use its primary weapon system just seemed wrong.  I might have just ignored this new call to caps, but there was a statement about training… like the coalition is going to provide some so people actually feel good about using their capitals.

For just the suggestion that there might be training I got my Archon out and jumped it back to our staging system.

Archon, also in Purity White, hanging off a Fortizar

Archon, also in Purity White, hanging off a Fortizar

And then I checked it fitting and backup modules and found that I was well out of date on the basic fit and that I had, in fact, pulled a lot of the modules for the Apostle.  Also, while I have the skills to use fighters, I haven’t actually bought any fighters.  So I now have more than a billion ISK in modules and fighters being shipped out.

But that is fine.  I’ll be up to date again.  And I am willing to spend that on the off chance I will actually get to use my carrier in combat, or at least feel confident enough to answer the call and get into fleet should the situation arise.  Maybe I will even figure out the Apostle as well.

4 thoughts on “Fighters and Faxes and Capital Plans

  1. SynCaine

    Odd you have never done any carrier ratting, its good ISK in Delve, especially in our safer areas, and will teach you some of the basics of fighter control.

    I’m curious to see how our carrier fleets go, and how often they are used. I’ve considered getting a second chim, since I don’t want to use my bling-fit ratting one, nor do I really want to switch out mods every time, because I know I’ll mess it up at some point, but I’m holding off for now. (Also I’m fairly close to being able to buy and fly a Supercarrier, so maybe I’ll just go with that).


  2. Shirrath Gao (@Shirrath)

    I’ve gone on almost every EU TZ capital op since Cloud Ring and I’ve used my FAXes twice. Standing by at a friendly citadel and/or moving doesn’t count. The best way to get some combat experience with an Apostle would be on Singularity in a training op or with a friendly supercap pilot. Cap ship meta has long been in a spot where nobody engages unless they are certain that the enemy won’t escalate. Actual battles are few and far between, and the few that do happen tend to be catastrophic.

    @Syncaine: A second one would make more sense, because the combat fits were recently updated to be cheaper. Maybe it’ll mean more frequent drops, but I need a FAX alt first to be able to leave my main in a Chimera.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – I’ve always been a bit leery of carrier ratting, in part because Chimeras were always the preferred option up north while Archons were frowned upon, and in part because our alliance leader, Wibla, used to rage about people losing carriers, at one point demanding a 250 million ISK fine if you lost a carrier ratting… as if losing your 2+ billion ISK carrier wasn’t punishment enough. So I felt I had been warned off carrier ratting pretty effectively.

    Then, of course, with the coming of faxes, I had to actually train up fighters before I could use a carrier as more than just a moving van for ships. I made the move down to Delve and settled in to Ishtar rat before I started on that. And now I finally have some being shipped out. Soon I will be able to fit my Archon out again.

    And then there are the complications of not being in GSF. TNT is small and our forums are out of date, so I don’t know who to go to for fuel and such. Running combat ops on my own dime for fuel will add up.


  4. Krumm

    OMG I want to Rat in a Carrier sooo bad. Im a drone guy and love the idea of putting out lots of fighters with the drone command links in the highs. I hope to one day do that. Anyway I loved the purity skins for the Amarr so much I bought each and every SKIN for each Amarr ship.

    Its funny I own Purity skins on my Amarr Character and I own the Cold Iron skins for the Amarr missile boats for my Minmatar character. Crimson Harvest skins just being to hard to find.

    I might never fly some of those caps and Im more of a hualer/industrialist but it makes my mount water.

    I’m still at the point where I can fly an ORCA but cannot afford to buy or fly one. That’s considered a cap right? Or is it just Freighters…


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