Mostly Mobile Friday Bullet Points

Another Friday post about minor items of interest.

Candy Crush and Pokemon Go Slip

Superdata Research put out their monthly chart for December 2016, which showed Pokemon Go slipping down to 4th place on the mobile list.

December 2016 Numbers

December 2016 Numbers

I think I am mostly surprised that the game is still holding out in the top five now that winter is here and that the game has clearly worn on some people during its first six months.

Also of note, Candy Crush Saga is down in 10th place.  While lower than it has been previously, I remain surprised that it is still on the list more than four years down the road.

Superdata also has a 2016 summary report that you can get for free which puts some dollar amounts to a few of their charts.

Pokemon Go Expands

This week sees the addition of creatures from Pokemon Silver & Gold into the mix players can catch.

Now featuring the Johto Region

Now featuring the Johto Region

Eggs have been hatching certain Johto Pokemon for a while, but now you should be able to find new Pokemon out and about in the world.

Pokemon Bank Update

On the 3DS hand held side of the franchise, Pokemon Bank has finally been updated to work with Pokemon Sun & Moon.  You can now move Pokemon from previous 3DS Pokemon RPG titles into the latest game.

How things line up now

How things line up now

In addition you can get the Z-crystal for Mew by scanning the QA code in the linked announcement.

Hearthstone on My iPad

After dumping Candy Crush Saga from my iPad, I found I did not really have a good “sit on the couch and play while I watch TV” sort of game left.  With the fancy new iPad able to run more modern games, I started poking around at the App Store to see what I might download.  I also went down the list of games I had already tried and found Hearthstone.  So I grabbed that.


I had not really played it since the game came out, and I only played it then because Blizzard offered up a mount for WoW players who won three games.  I had put it on the old iPad 2 as well, but never got into it.  This time around things have been a bit different.  So far it sort of works as a replacement.  I am not into collectible card games at all, so it being a dumbed down version of whatever probably means it is well suited to me.  I barely remember how the game works, but I seem to win once in a while, so it is working out.

Also, looping back to a previous bullet point, Superdata reports that Hearthstone is the highest grossing collectible card game, with the money quote being:

Hearthstone earned roughly four times as much as its closest competitor in 2016 and is forcing the digital CCG market to transform

And so it goes.  I still don’t plan to spend any money on the game myself unless I somehow really get into it.

EverQuest II Down

And,as a final item, it was reported over at EQ2 Wire yesterday that EverQuest II had to be taken down unexpectedly yesterday and problems logging on still persist as of the latest update this morning.

That is it, on towards the weekend.

4 thoughts on “Mostly Mobile Friday Bullet Points

  1. mrrx

    For a long time I was running into Pokemon players as I played “That other Niantic game”. Launch week saw a bunch of people around Pokestops and sitting at gym locations. Then I would see them in various random spots as I traveled. Since September I haven’t seen anyone obviously doing Pokemon.

    They could be getting better at hiding the game play – I am much better at hiding my Ingressing – but my sense is that nobody’s playing the game anymore. It’s very surprising to me that they are in fourth place (is that in revenue? Downloads?). Maybe that’s just because I am done with Go, I got bored real quick.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @mrrx – I believe from the context of the post that chart goes with, it is gross revenue.

    For Pokemon Go, it certainly isn’t they heyday of July and August when you would be hard pressed to avoid the roving mobs of players wandering the landscape. Still, I do bump into some of the usual suspects at certain key locations. Our downtown area has two gyms and a dozen pokestops, and you can see people now and again who are obviously playing.

    I think the key indicator of activity for me is gyms. There are three gyms visible from our house, and they are changing hands constantly. So somebody out there is still playing… and according to that chart, spending money.


  3. mrrx

    I find it very interesting that you’re bumping into people – that’s very different than what I’m seeing.

    Then again, I go to two types of portals/pokestops : Locations with no people in the area, and locations with hundreds of pedestrians wandering around. The former would reveal people in the area pretty easily, while the latter – forget it. But I will never forget the feeling after Go’s launch and seeing crowds of 30 or so people gathered and talking, with the game visible on their phones.

    One thing I have learned in the past year as well is, people stop in all kinds of weird locations to look at their phones. And just because they’re looking at their phone while next to a portal/pokestop, they are 99% certain not to be playing. They’re not playing games – or at least, MY GAME. So when I do it I’m not exactly standing out to anyone else either.

    I met a formerly unknown Ingress player the other day, on the ENL side, as we were fighting over Downtown Burbank. This time there was no thrill at meeting another player. I miss that aspect.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @mrrx – I have the advantage of playing with my wife who, as a gregarious sort, will ask people holding their phones in a certain way near a gym if they are playing. That is usually pretty definitive.


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