Moving Day Again

If there is one bad habit I have had in New Eden, it is my propensity to collect crap.  The “All Items” tab in the Assets window is a scary place for me.  Once it took so long to load I thought I had crashed the server by opening it.

Just a snippet out of the long, long list of places

Just a snippet out of the long, long list of places

I have a recurring nightmare about having to go out in a ship and haul everything back to Jita or Amarr.  Some of that stuff has been out there for a long time too.  I don’t think I have spent time in Hageken for nearly a decade.  And then there was that unfortunate region-wide buy order in Domain.

So when it was announced yesterday that the coalition was moving to a new staging system, I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the thought of moving my stuff yet again.  We were not moving too far, just a couple gates, but there was still the prospect of a lot of hauling in my future.

Dead pods mark move ops

Dead pods mark move ops

However, things didn’t turn out as bad as I thought they might.  I managed to stuff my Mastadon full of stuff and moved most of the loose modules and other items in three runs under the protective eyes of the local standing fleet.

After that, it was time to move all the ships I had stored up.  That is usually the tough part.  But as it so happens, I haven’t been collecting quite so many ships lately.  I used to buy a couple ships for every doctrine, but the coalition has been trying to keep logi stable between doctrines, so I have been able to re-use the same ships.  That, plus the fact that I now have an Archon and an Apostle, both of which have hangars capable of hauling assembled ships, meant I was able to carry almost everything over to the new staging rather than flying each ship.

Apostle ready to jump

Apostle ready to jump

So having two capital ships finally pays off.

The only downside to the whole thing is that the ships you are carrying in the hangar can only have ammunition and other charges for modules in their cargo.  So I had to pull out all the refits and mobile depots and nanite repair paste and what not and shove them in the cargo hold to be sorted out later.

So move op completed for me more quickly than usual.  Everything I had in the old staging Keepstar is now in the new one.  However, it still feels like I have a ton of stuff rolling around in my inventory bin.  Also, I have to go through all the fits and figure out which ships need modules in their holds.  I might save that task for the start of an actual op.  There is always some lag time while we assemble.

7 thoughts on “Moving Day Again

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – Yup, we are now living in the Thetastar. But they moved the jump bridge connection so that SNOObees have a direct route there now. The move was probably just to keep people from getting killed in the near constant of late PL camp in T5ZI-S as they moved through to the market in D-W.


  2. SynCaine

    Yea I’m a happy bee now, as its just one jump from KF home to our capital. Also all of my industry is already running in 1DQ, so no more hauling needed to continue the ISK training rolling.


  3. Easy Esky

    Every so often I look at the Assets windows and think… cant I just trash the stuff which I will unlikely return to use, sell or consolidation location? eh Hoarding its not limited PL after all.


  4. Gevlon

    Consider just thrashing some of your stuff or gifting it away.
    There is no point spending an hour to retrieve 50M worth of stuff if you can make 50M during that hour.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gevlon – Actually, moving stuff turned into a bit of a boon. Moving our staging also means moving our marketplace. I was one of those who moved early and, as a consequence, I sold about 500M ISK in stuff on the market due to the fact that most of my usual competitors were still back in the old system.


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