The YC119.2 Update Brings Insurance to Citadels

It is time for the monthly update patch for EVE Online, which this month falls on St. Valentine’s Day.  I wonder if I should read any meaning into that or not?

CCP continues making TAGN quality graphics for updates!

CCP continues making TAGN quality graphics for updates!

The update brings a number of things to the table.  It heralds the opening of the Guardian’s Gala event in New Eden, which runs from today through the end of the month and includes SKINs for Gallente hulls as drops. (A video from The Scope to bring up up to speed on the lore around the event.)

Running in a system near you this month

Running in a system near you this month

It also brings some fixes for recent performance issues that have been bothersome since the troubled YC119.1 patch went live last month, along with updates for the New Player Experience, new SKINs, UI fixes, and improvements to the much loved multi-buy window.

There are many additional small fixes in this month’s patch.  But the one item that will likely have the most impact on me… as noted in the headline… is the ability to insure your ships in a citadel.

Live from the Thetastar, insurance!

Live from the Thetastar, insurance!

Citadels are supposed to eventually replace the no-longer-deployable as of the December update null sec stations eventually, with the latter slated to go away completely at some future date. (EN24 had a good retrospective on stations.)  However, while we have had citadels around since last April and the Citadel expansion, getting them up to par with stations has taken some time.  This brings CCP one step closer to that goal… and I should no longer have to go find a station to insure my ship.

That aside, I do like this line item from the patch notes:

An underlying and far reaching EVE code issue has been identified and fixed. This should resolve various issues across New Eden, including the drone window becoming unresponsive, overview entries not updating/removing, ship HUD issues (including a ship’s speed not updating correctly) and more.

I have run into all of those situations over the years, to the point that they have become “oh yeah, that happens sometimes” sorts of events in fleets, especially when time dilation is in play.  If true, this fix might be the second best thing in the update. [Addendum: A Dev Blog about it here.]

So those are the items of note for me.  You can read the patch notes and the updates page to see if there is something else hidden in there for you.  There was also a development update video that went out yesterday, and Neville Smit returned to blogging with a summary of all sorts of things going on, but mostly the CSM and the video.

And, as with every update, there is some music attached.

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