Reflections and Postcards from Burn Jita 2017


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Burn Jita should be wound down by the time this post goes live.  The plan was for it to run from the end of downtime on the 24th of February through until the start of downtime on the 27th of February, New Eden time, and it does not seem like there is any reason to extend it further.  The goal was to set a record for destruction and that mission was accomplished with hours left to go before downtime.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that freighter ganks have stopped.  CODE and MiniLuv are still out there.  They just have more discerning taste in ganking.  They gank for fun and profit, so choose valuable targets.  With Burn Jita the goal was more quantity of ganks than quality.

As I mentioned in the previous post about Burn Jita 2017, one of the gimmicks was to get people to make a new character with the first name “BJBee” and then get them into the corporation Suddenly Seamen – A Naval Charity.  If nothing else, this made it easy to track kills for the event on zKillboard, as the corp was only active for Burn Jita.  The total stands at 747 billion ISK in ships destroyed.

Many Coercers died to kill those freighters

Many Coercers died to bring us these freighter ganks

Somebody needs to convert 747 Billion ISK into dollars so Massively OP will post about the event.  They like a nice dollar amount for their headlines.  Actual media coverage of the event was minimal, with no mentions I saw outside of the EVE Online focused sites and Reddit.  Remember the news coverage the first Burn Jita got?

EVE News 24 logo right at the top...

Le Figaro covers Burn Jita 2012

I wonder if even CCP will even bother with a dev post or the like this time around.  With the node going down I would think they might want to go over that aspect at least, why we saw that this time around relative to past events.  As for who “won” Burn Jita, I’ve been down that rat hole before.

I did join in for a bit.  I had renewed my alt account early to take advantage of the multi character training deal that CCP was offering, so used about a week of that time to build up an Amarr alt that could fly the basic Coercer fit.  I didn’t quite follow the guidelines, which suggested that your character’s last name should be a number, so went off with BJBee Amerika.

My event character

My event character

I ran through the NPE, which I will have to write about later, used the mini-skill injector, then rounded off the final skills needed with a couple days to go.  I also fitted out a few Coercers on my own in advance, just to make sure I was able to jump into fleet and go when I had time.  After I used those up I took the hand out ships as I could get them.  All in all I was on 16 of the kills over the weekend.

I will say that I was very impressed with the efficiency of the operation.  I have to applaud the MiniLuv people, as they really know their stuff and there was no slack in the operation.

There were bumpers out there wrangling targets, so a fleet would undock with 100 or so Coercers as soon as suspect timers were down, quickly warp off to an insta-warp location, then either to a perch if the target was in Jita, or a gate if it was in one of the adjacent systems.  Then from there it was generally a warp onto the target, the green light to shoot, and then a dead hauler.  Only once did I witness a bad warp in, and likewise I only saw a single freighter survive a first pass, and both of those were quickly rectified with the target going down.

The only real mess up I saw was when we sat on the insta-warp spot for too long and the Caldari Police showed up and started picking off people with very low sec status.  We had to dock back up, let those who got popped re-ship, and the go again.  But we still got our assigned target.

Sixteen kills moved my guy from 0 to -3.0 security status, not enough for me to worry about anything in high sec.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with him post-event.

Those attempting to fight against our fleets were pretty much limited to shooting us once we had a criminal flag, by which point it was generally too late and the target was dead.  Mostly that padded some people’s kill stats, as CONCORD was going to blow our ships up anyway.  It was amusing to have somebody occasionally shoot at us early and get hit by CONCORD themselves.

That does bring up the whole defense question.  You can defend a freighter by simply putting enough reps on them to boost their effective hit points beyond what the attacking fleet can put out.  But that takes time, coordination, and doesn’t get you on any kill mails.  Most people just wanted the latter, while the freighter pilots didn’t seem very interested in coordinating with defenders.  Of the 16 kill rights I earned, only one freighter pilot chose to activate it.  I guess when you are faced with 100+ such that might be a bit of a chore, but if my freighter got hit I would activate them.  I certainly activated the two kill rights I got when people shot me early, for the deluxe price of 1 ISK each.

Anyway, as with most everything in EVE Online, some people love Burn Jita, some people hate it, and most people don’t even notice… except when the Jita node goes down.  That happened at least four times that I know of, which was a hindrance and not a goal.  We were there to blow up ships, not break the game.

Yeah, that wasn't good

Yeah, that wasn’t good

I wonder if CCP learned anything new from this stress test of the game.

Of course, the best part for me were the visuals.  CCP makes a beautiful game and I fly around with the graphics turned up and my UI turned off more often than is probably healthy.  This year the new explosions really stood out as well as the lighting.  The way explosions lit up surrounding ships and wrecks… when the light hits just right…

I need an EVE Online version of this meme

I need an EVE Online version of this Pacha meme

So on to a gallery of screen shots I took.  You can click any of them for a larger view, and can flips through the whole gallery in that mode.  And if those are not enough, Razorien has a Flickr gallery of screen shots in much larger format.

8 thoughts on “Reflections and Postcards from Burn Jita 2017

  1. Easy Esky

    When you consider that INN was silent on WWB, then I would expect that CCP will return the compliment. Other than it being a self-serving event for the Goons what purpose was actually achieved?

    An individual pilot against an organised Alliance is a forgone conclusion. Which is rather poor, because this means that Burn Jita is a scripted event; in a game which is supposed to pride itself on unscripted.


  2. Dinsdale Pirannha

    Congrats, PCU was down another 1,000 on Sunday compared to last Sunday. Wonder how many won’t come back at all. Must be nice to cost CCP real cash. But then, I guess the envelope is just a little fatter this month.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Easy Esky – “When you consider that INN was silent on WWB…”

    Now you’re just making things up. Go back and look. They didn’t support your personal narrative, but both EN24 and TMC at the time were about on par with the amount of written coverage. It was less than it likely should have been… both sites seemed to be struggling to post much at all for a stretch there… but hardly silent. And that leaves aside the weekly Meta Show, which talked about the war every week. Silent is not even close to the mark.

    Meanwhile it would be dumb for CCP to cut their nose off to spite their face and ignore something that might boost interest in the game. Doubly so since they have already mentioned Burn Jita on social media. (Twitter/Facebook)

    “An individual pilot against an organised Alliance is a forgone conclusion. Which is rather poor…”

    You expect to be able to solo against a group in a PvP game? That seems absurd. Is this going to develop into one of those “I shouldn’t have to…” arguments?

    @Dinsdale Pirannha – PCU Sunday was 43,159. Hardly a bad day, and up from a year ago. And not everybody will rage quit like you did. In fact, I read something today about CCP doing pretty well. That must just piss you off, them thriving while you keep calling them incompetent.


  4. SynCaine

    Its almost like the less Dins is around, the better EVE does. Or the larger/stronger Goons get, the more people overall play EVE. Very strange isn’t it?


  5. Easy Esky

    You expect to be able to solo against a group in a PvP game? That seems absurd. Is this going to develop into one of those “I shouldn’t have to…” arguments?

    No, not the individual. I expect some gravitas from the group. There is little difference between casino income and moon income being used to apply excessive force. Both in my book are forms of Unassailable wealth. I guess it is alright when you get to do it, and it’s not done to you.

    As for INN, I only saw complaint about losing control of the meta and not being able to name the conflict. Complaint about the bee logo somewhere somehow. I have boycotted the website since WWB and will continue to. The fact is that Imperium has become a brand name extended beyond the border of the sandbox. But protecting this entity comes at the expense of the sandbox. Not matter how “softy softy” is the pace of extension, it will sooner or later hit the brick wall that trampled the failed book KickStarter.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Easy Esky – The thing is, it is easy enough to not get ganked. Don’t undock. Wait the three days until the event it over. Or fit your freighter for tank and get a few people to rep you as you move through the system. Not tough. Whining about somebody having more assets and claiming it is wealth unassailable somehow comparable to RMT casinos is simply bullshit. Again, it all got taken away from us during the Casino War, didn’t it? By other players. The RMT casinos that were your champions had to be shut down by direct action from CCP. Not comparable at all.

    On the INN front, you didn’t look so you don’t know, so your word isn’t exactly reliable, now is it? Just sour grapes.

    As for the sandbox, bitter much? You want to spin nonsense about the war, a year later, take it somewhere else.


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