WoW East and WoW West

SuperData Research just put out their January Top 10 lists.  Despite my skepticism about their methodology and the likely incompleteness of their data set (not every company hands over data to them) I do like to watch it month after month on the theory that watching data over time can mark trends, even if any individual data point is suspect.

This month, however, brought a new twist, with World of Warcraft being broken out into East (meaning China, presumably) and West (which I would then assume was the rest of the world, which Blizzard runs directly).  So divided, WoW manages to take up two spots on the PC top 10 list.

SuperData Research Top 10 - January 2017

SuperData Research Top 10 – January 2017

I am curious as to why Blizzard would break those numbers out.  Did they want to push somebody off the list? (I posted the previous month’s list here if you want to compare and see who might have fallen off.)

Or did Blizzard want to boost Overwatch further up the list?  Last time WoW was above Overwatch, but splitting Azeroth into two parts drops them both below the shooter.

Is this another attempt to prove that Blizzard isn’t completely dependent on the fortunes of WoW?  It certainly seems to be a testament to WoW’s strength that it can hold two spots on the chart.

Meanwhile, Candy Crush Saga continues to hold on to that 10th spot on the mobile list while Pokemon Go remains in 4th position despite not adding much of anything in January.

5 thoughts on “WoW East and WoW West

  1. Bhagpuss

    The most astonishing feature of that list to my eyes is the appearance of Lineage 1 at #8. Lineage launched in 1998. It’s older than EverQuest! Also, it wasn’t on the previous list you linked so it has actually gained traction.

    I’ve never played Lineage so I have no idea what makes a nineteen year old MMO capable of making a global top 10 of money-makers – and that, presumably, with no significant sales in “The West”. With a record like that how come we haven’t been inundated with Lineage clones these last twenty years? Or maybe we have…


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – Oh yeah, when you look at NCsoft’s financials, there is Lineage… which is to say, Lineage in South Korea… and then there is everything else. The funny thing is, of course, that even NCsoft couldn’t make a replacement for Lineage. Lineage II pretty much played the EverQuest II role for them, only in their world EverQuest kept booming along at 2003 numbers.


  3. Pendan

    I am wondering why I never hear anything about Crossfire or Dungeon Fighter Online. I don’t own a console but know more about every game on that list than those 2 PC games.


  4. SynCaine

    @Pendan: Those games are only popular (out?) in Asia.

    And yea, the only ‘value’ here is trending among the few games SuperGuess pretends to have info about, and even then I’d say its suspect when things like a suddenly split WoW appears.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – Having worked with analyst groups before, you don’t get very far or last very long or sell very many $50K data packages if you are pulling garbage or making stuff up. They likely have direct contact for data with the companies they are showing. I bet Activision makes Blizz and King go along… or Activision just shares the data and doesn’t consult Blizz.

    The real dubious bit is that the companies providing the data will try to slice it up or provide it in ways that give the most favorable picture of them. The companies get involved because they want to look good in front of big investors and provide all sorts of information that doesn’t get in the public financial reports. So if WoW is suddenly showing up as East/West, I bet that is how Activision delivered the data or asked that it be handled.

    I used to get roped into the yearly Gartner eval at a past company. One time I was asked by marketing to provide a list of upcoming features that would make our platform stand out, so I pulled the list from the upcoming release, dumbed it down to their level, and sent it to them. I got back a response saying that they had already told them we did all of this stuff in the past and could I come up with some NEW features. I wriggled out of outright lying, leaving that to the professionals.

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