Voting for CSM 12 Opens Today

The day is here, the annual stuffing of the ballot box has begun, the CSM elections are live.  They run from today, March 6, through until March 27, with the results to be announced at Fanfest on April 6.

Look at that CONCORD police Captain trying to suppress the vote!

Look at that CONCORD police Captain trying to suppress the vote!

CCP has even created a video where CCP Logibro spends almost five minutes telling you about the election and how to use the voting interface.

As for who to vote for, you have an array of 64 candidates to choose from.  How to pick… well, that is up to you.   The Nosy Gamer has put together a page that brings together campaign statements and interviews from the candidates.  It is a good place to start if you are just trying to figure out for whom to vote.

Of course, if you’re just starting to figure that out now, you’re part of the reason why I think electing a player advisory council is silly, as I noted in last week’s blog banter post.  In a game where one segment of the population needs to be highly organized in order to survive, guess who is best at getting their people to vote?  The null sec blocs get out the vote while the rest of the game mostly doesn’t even bother to open up a ballot.  And so CSM 11 was 13 null sec players and Steve Ronuken.

With CSM 12 being reduced from 14 members to 10, all of whom will be flown to Iceland for summits, past results indicate that null sec will likely end up with 8 or 9 of those.  I think Neville Smit’s idea for a high sec coalition is coming a bit late, but we shall see.  With only 10 seats, every vote counts even more so as there is much less room for trickle down.

Anyway, the null sec blocs no doubt all have their voting lists published already.  The Imperium had theirs up early yesterday and have a “get out the vote” campaign in motion.

For those interested, this is the Imperium slate:

  1. Aryth – GSF
  2. Innominate – GSF
  3. Sullen Decimus – Bastion
  4. Jin’taan – Provibloc
  5. The Judge – CO2
  6. Suitonia – GSF

[INN has the Provi Bloc and CO2/TEST ballots here]

For those who haven’t watched the video or read up on the process, the ordering dictates the priority list for your votes.  If Aryth has enough votes, surplus votes will then fall to Innominate.  When he has sufficient votes, any extras will go to Sullen Decimus.  And so it goes down the list.

If you are paying close attention, there are likely three items of interest with this list.

First, there are only six candidates listed, when there could have been ten.  Last year the list was a full 14 long and included outsiders such as Commander Aze and Tora Bushido to round it out.  This year the list is truncated and includes only core null candidates.  I gather that this is to emphasize the key candidates so they don’t get lost or shuffled as people go to their ballot.  We are left to add four more candidates if we wish, though it seems unlikely that many votes will transfer down that far.

Second, The Judge is on our list.  Yes, he is down in fifth place, but after the great (and in the end futile) betrayal by CO2 and M-OEE8 last year, his alliance remains our space foes.  But the smooth operation of the CSM appears to transcend the in-game situation.  He did a good job last time around so made our list.  He likely won’t get many trickle down votes from us, but he has TEST/CO2 voters behind him to make up the difference.

And third, Xenuria is not on our ballot.  He is running, he is in GSF, he is on CSM 11, and by all accounts he did a good job, but he isn’t one of our picks.

Last year picking Xenuria to be on the ballot was a controversial choice.  He got the third spot on the Imperium ballot for the CSM11 election.  As an example of Goons not marching in lock step or doing whatever Mittens tells them, this was a good example.  There was an outcry about choosing him and declarations from many in the thread that they would never vote for him.

Still, Xenuria had enough people vote the ballot, plus the support he had garnered through past runs for the CSM, to get himself elected.  This year though, he is on his own.  Fortunately, for him, he has been ahead of the game and has been out campaigning, including having a station billboard ad for a while now.

A vote for Xenuria is a vote for Xenuria

A vote for Xenuria is a vote for Xenuria

If Xenuria’s focus, which includes focus on cosmetic in-game items, is something you want represented on the CSM, you’re going to have to vote for him yourself, as the Imperium isn’t going to get him elected.

So that is it, the election is off and running.  We will know the results in a month.

5 thoughts on “Voting for CSM 12 Opens Today

  1. I was wrong about Xenuria.

    “A vote for Xenuria is a vote for Xenuria.”

    The” Brexit means Brexit” of 2017?

    Still,a shame that the one GSF candidate that was good for the game didn’t get a place.


  2. Dirk MacGirk (@dirkmacgirk)

    Just as a point of reference on the idea of a hisec coalition, it was late to this election. That is a given. However, it was a response to two things: first, the perennial cries of nullsec domination without any effort into actually changing that situation. Second, the advent of a small group of candidates – the hisec ballot of Commander AZA, Roedyn and Toxic Yaken – making an initial attempt at working together. Any idea of a hisec coalition, really any coalition of fragmented entities, will take a minimum of a year of dedicated effort to achieve. So while it’s late to this election, the discussion is more geared for making a run at CSM 13.


  3. Random Poster

    So for those of us not up to date on eve politics why was/is Xenuria a controversial pick and why would his own alliance be against him?

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  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Dirk – I will be interested to see what, if anything, comes of it. On the one hand, high sec is a highly populated area, so has the potential to be a voting bloc power house. On the flip side, it is the most introverted part of space where a lot of people barely pay attention to anybody else outside of the market and tend not to be up on current events in New Eden, such as Burn Jita.

    @Random Poster – The rift between Xenuria and Goons started back when I was in high sec, so is a bit of a blur, but he seemed to represent things that Goons were solidly against and seemed to go out of his way to antagonize Goons at various points. He might have also joined Something Awful just to try and get into Goons, something that marks you as horrible pubbie, though I might be confusing that with somebody else.

    Anyway, he became loathed by Goons and served as an easy punchline to any joke that needed a patsy, even outside of Goons. I am pretty sure you can find something along those lines in a post here around his running for CSM on a platform of transsexual clothing options or some such. I recall Mittens himself lashing out at him as an easy fedora wearing pubbie target.

    Then he and Mittens met at Fanfest or some such, then Xenuria was on the Meta Show, which led to some sort of rapprochement between him and Mittens. Then he was allowed into KarmaFleet (under the “Weaponized Autism Program” according to his GoonWiki entry) and became a staple of coalition. He stuck with us through the Casino War, he goes on ops, and was part of the most unlikely Top Damage/Final Blow kill mail ever.

    But there are still Goons who don’t like him and remember him as the hated pubbie who they once ridiculed. Some people don’t change.


  5. Dirk MacGirk (@dirkmacgirk)

    @wilhelm – yeah I don’t have high hopes. Not even sure the effort is truly worth it for those who it might actually benefit. But, it’s the only viable option because CCP won’t be handing out free seats anytime soon, and every other method can be gamed.


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