Flying Comes to WoW Legion

Today is the day, the day that the Tomb of Sargeras update, Patch 7.2, goes live in World of Warcraft.

Available now!

The update has been a while coming.  Blizzard was talking about it back at BlizzCon in early November.

But the patch delivers quite a bit of content.  The release notes are full of details.  The Broken Shore is now available, there is a new dungeon, pet battle dungeons, new incentives to grind reputation, new class campaigns, and, most of all, flying.

I haven’t played WoW for a while now.  I tapped out of WoW Legion before BlizzCon, having done all the main zone story lines and being otherwise uninterested in the daily rep grind or queuing up for random dungeons.  Flying makes me think about going back, but then I think about all the items on the list to get there and any thoughts of whipping out the credit card to re-subscribe fades.

Still, for those who remain invested, there is a bunch of new content available now.

5 thoughts on “Flying Comes to WoW Legion

  1. Jesse Low

    I came back to WoW to play Legion because of the leveling pre-event and the excitement surrounding the story and everything. The last time I had played was a few months during the start of WotLK so I am very casual. I played Legion for one month when it released then left because of the same reason as before: the game is just one long boring grind to nowhere. It is still fun at times (kind of) but its so much grinding. So I left again and probably for good. Plus why play that game when you can get on Heroes of the Storm for 20 minutes play one game and log off. It doesn’t feel like you have to play hours and hours every single night which just gets old.


  2. Jenks

    Hey TAGN saw this and thought of you, I remember making the argument here that VR was gonna catch on because of other markets (sports and porn specifically). Can’t wait for the price to come down.

    And I wish they’d leave flying to only non current expansions, sucks the fun out of the game. Like playing a shooter with no clip enabled, anti-immersive. Then again there’s not much immersion left in the game, that war has already been lost.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Jenks – Unfortunately, that video mostly says to me that “VR = bad camera work.” That is largely a problem with try to demonstrate VR in normal video, the flaws stand out and immersion is absent. Still, the reason people watch sports on TV is that professionals will make sure we see key aspects of the action… or at least be able to follow the ball/puck with some level of consistency. Putting my neck muscles in charge of the camera and tracking the ball seems sub-optimal.

    And it still leaves out the equipment issue, which I suspect will remain even when costs come down. Wearing that gear on your head for the duration of a professional sporting event… something that generally runs for ~3 hours… is a very unappealing idea no matter how close to the action (or the cheerleaders) you can get.

    Also, I am told by people who actually enjoy watching sports, that it is often a social activity, thus explaining the popularity of sports bars and the boost in big screen TV purchases before the Super Bowl or World Cup. A VR headset is fundamentally a solo-focused piece of equipment.

    So I would bet on porn for VR. It is a solo activity that likely doesn’t make the user wear the gear for extended periods of time.


  4. Jenks

    I’ve sat courtside at a handful of games. I never thought my own head was doing “bad camera work” LOL. I’d say for people who don’t know the game well, regular broadcasts will still be better. People who watch every game, this will be much better. I watch a good 100 basketball games a year – most of them aren’t at bars or parties :)


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Jenks – We shall see. I am not convinced that wearing gear on your head that blocks out your surroundings for a couple hours will be an attractive proposition.


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