Null Sec – We Rat and We Mine Things

Null bears are everywhere!

CCP released their monthly economic report for March 2017 on Friday with some new charts added and at least one old standard omitted.  There had been some discussion in the CSM as to what data might compromise op sec or otherwise signal other parties what was going on, which led to the mining output chart going missing.  But even with the last round of Rorqual nerfs, mining with them seems to still be running apace judging by the Rorqual kill mails alone.

But by far the most outrageous chart in the report has to be the one for bounty payments, the largest ISK faucet in New Eden.  Guess who rats a lot?

Bounty Payments – March 2017

Of the 66.65 trillion ISK in bounty payments paid out for killing hostile NPCs over the course of the month, the largest ISK input into the game representing nearly half of all of the total faucets, 92.2% of them were collected in null sec.

Looking back six months for a comparison (I was going to look back a year, but there was a war going on which was likely depressing bounty payments) that represents about a 50% boost in bounty payments.  (Though six months back bounty payments represented an even larger part of the ISK faucet pie.)

Looking at that chart, you are likely reacting in one of two ways:

  • That’s not fair!  Null sec shouldn’t get all the ISK.  CCP should make ISK available to me where I play!
  • If I want ISK I had better move to null sec!

Which one do you think is more likely to improve your bottom line?

This is all a result of how things have been evolving in null sec over time.  Five years ago, when I was finally settling into the null sec routine, ratting wasn’t what it is today.  Yes, it was still popular, but anomalies were sparse, a lot of null sec systems weren’t even worth ratting in, and shooting NPCs didn’t do much for your corp or alliance aside from provide a little tax income.  It was viewed as a bit selfish, an act of fattening your own wallet.  My old corp used to set the tax rate to 100% during operations or deployments to punish those who wanted to rat when they were needed elsewhere.

And then things changed.

There was Fozzie Sov, which introduce the activity defense multiplier.  That index was influenced, in part, by how many NPCs were destroyed in a given system.  Ratting suddenly became a patriotic way to support your corp/alliance/coalition.  This was accompanied by a boost in anomaly frequency to help make previously worthless systems worth ratting in.

Then there was the expansion of forces in null sec.  Brave Newbies started the trend, but now if you want to get into null sec there are multiple opportunities.  Once it was a wry comment that it was easier to get a home loan than to get into a null sec corporation.  Now just about anybody who wants to can find a slot in one of the newbie friendly corps in null sec.  The various coalitions need players both to form up to defend their space (or attack others) and to rat and mine and do the things that keeps the home front more defensible.  And so the doors opened.  If you’re not in null sec, it is because you do not wish to be, not because anybody is keeping you out.

However, given the trend in the top faucets/sinks chart, I wonder if CCP is going to let this continue on as is.

March 2017 – Top sinks and faucets over time

While most of those lines are fairly stable, the bounty payout line has been going up for a while.  If that trend continues unabated, they might have to change something.

Looking at the rest of the report though, it appears that while null sec is making the ISK, much of it ends up in high sec in general, and in Jita in particular.

13 thoughts on “Null Sec – We Rat and We Mine Things

  1. SynCaine

    In addition to there being more null players now, I also think alliances focusing on ratting efficiency has helped. We have multiple threads about how best to rat, and even threads for carrier and super ratting. Given how quickly the payouts scale when you move up from a subcap to a carrier and then to a super, that is likely a pretty big factor.

    It’s also amazing to see how low incursion income is, when I look at how much ISK is being pulled in by the Incursion SIG when we deploy. Of course, not being deployed more often than not is a huge factor, as is the more limited participation, but it just goes to show you how insanely popular and effective ratting really is.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – I feel a little old fashioned, still put-putting around in my Ishtar when I rat. You kids and your shiny new super carriers!

    Incursion money is good, but thinking about it, I wonder how it is being counted, since a lot of what comes from an incursion is bounties on ships being blapped. Are those in the incursions column or the bounties column? And then there are the LP points you get at the end, which you can turn into ISK as well.


  3. greybill

    I wonder how much I would have to mine to get that number at 0.1 in WH space. xD
    Good read.
    I agree that NullSec is really easy to get into if you want. And I guess that’s intended.


  4. Dinsdale Pirannha

    This chart just shows how successful the RMT cartels have been bending CCP to their will, albeit with moral suasion or outright kickbacks. It is no surprise that the PCU has cratered.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Dinsdale – Are you feeling okay? The expected reply from you should have included a sexual metaphor and an outright rejection at my suggestion that CCP might even consider changing something about null sec anomalies or the carrier / super carrier ratting that makes it so profitable. There wasn’t even an “RMT cartel mouthpiece” in the mix.


  6. Gevlon

    This peak can only be explained by CCP turning a blind eye on botting/multibox ratting.
    The changes you mentioned *anomaly buff, ratting indices) were all introduced in the FozzeiSov, 2015 July. Yet ratting barely increased for nearly a year and even dropped when Goons were evicted. Ratting skyrocketed after Citadels patch, despite the patch had no ratting changes.

    Citadels was the patch when CCP thrown away every pretense of fighting RMT and gave the highsec citadels to the RMT-ers, while Lenny was unbanned and planned his happy little citadel monopoly. It wasn’t up to CCP that the Lenny part failed, it was on me by threatening them by a lawsuit, they banned Lenny before my deadline was up. But the fall of Lenny didn’t affect the simple RMT botters who were (and still are) running free.

    My post about it comes tomorrow.


  7. SynCaine

    Shocking to see both Gevlon and Dins here offering nothing but their normal loony garbage. Too bad the garbage once again doesn’t line up, since this is a post clearly showing CCP picking Goons to win, isn’t it Gevlon? Oh and Dins, how are those high-sec kill links coming so you can prove just how safe and easy null is? I’m sure you are going to provide them soon yes?

    @TAGN: Incursion rats don’t have bounties, all the ISK is delivered when you complete a site. All of the LP is only delivered once an Incursion is successfully completed, but I doubt that is factored in here since what you do with the LP can greatly influence it’s value (though the general going rate is at least 1k per LP).


  8. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – I know, right? Two people who don’t even play the game yet remain so fanatically obsessed with it that they can’t leave it alone. EVE is real!

    @Gevlon – Actually, there are several factors that can explain the boost in ratting:

    -Peace – Null sec has settled down and people can rat reliably again. There has also been a push for people to build up reserves for the inevitable next war.
    -Growth – The null sec blocs have been trying to beef up again as nobody wants to face impossible odds after seeing the Casino War. GSF, for example, is up from 16K pilots to 26K pilots. More people mean more ratting.
    -Alpha Clones – You can rat in null with an Alpha Clone fit VNI.
    -Casinos – With that source of income gone, some groups had to go back to renting out space or ratting themselves to fill the gap.
    -Super Carriers – How to rat with them since the fighter change has been refined to a point that it is a money machine, even after CCP tried to nerf it. (See that dip in early March? that is the fighter sig radius nerf in action.)

    Meanwhile, the idea that something you wrote on your blog caused CCP to ban casinos shows a pretty drastic disregard for what else was going on.

    -Valve getting sued – In the news before you wrote anything and the item that most likely made CCP rethink their stance.
    -Moving to the UK – CCP moved a lot of their business operations to England, where the law isn’t as lax as it is in Iceland.
    -Alpha Clones – Facing an infinite army of potential free ISK mules.

    But no, go ahead, pretend correlation means causation and continue to claim that you alone made CCP change their policy.


  9. SynCaine

    Gevlon thinks he was the richest guy in EVE, so of course he thinks a blog that CCP laughs at is also the reason they change their game, just like the Albion devs did when they saw his very threatening and very serious post, right?

    I do like how he has jumped on the ‘EVE is dying train” though. Good time to get on with CCP posting record revenue. Maybe he can pick up the prediction mantle from Tobold and say CCP is going bankrupt in 2018?


  10. SynCaine

    (Get an edit button)

    Also how long do you think his self-imposed ban from EVE will last this time, next week? Tomorrow?

    “You are right that at this point there is nothing to believe about EVE and the best is to not make any posts about it” – Gevlon


  11. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – No, you get an edit button!

    Heh, I have often posted a comment only to to wish that supported such a feature.

    As for Gevlon, that looks like a Quote of the Day winner. I’ll get to that in a bit.


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