Honest Trailers – Rogue One

Just because UltrViolet’s post about Rogue One at End Game Viable reminded me how great this Honest Trailer was.  I supposed I could have just put this in the comments at his site, but whatever. Both his post and this video contain spoilers.

I still enjoyed the movie… I actually just got my BluRay copy of it… but as with all Star Wars movies, there are issues you just have to deal with.

Also, the How It Should Have Ended video about Rogue One is pretty spiff too.

5 thoughts on “Honest Trailers – Rogue One

  1. Shintar

    Did you ever actually make a post about what you thought about the film yourself? Couldn’t find anything with the tags or the search…


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Shintar – I have a post in my drafts folder, but never finished it. I liked it for some of the things it did, like showing the Rebel Alliance to be a real insurrection that has to do bad things and which is divided, as opposed to the good and happy unified front we see in the original trilogy. I mean, what is the worst they do before Rogue One? Leia sells out Dantooine to save Alderaan, but she clearly doesn’t believe Tarkin will blow the place up given her reaction moments later.

    I would suggest that they avoid any more CGI work for main characters. It was fine to put those familiar rebel pilots into the fight scene, but Tarkin and Leia were serious uncanny valley triggers due to the camera focusing solidly on them.

    Anyway, I saw it twice in the theater and now have it on disc, so maybe I will write a real post about it eventually.

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