How to Level Up in EverQuest II the Easy Way

There are three easy steps:

  1. Create a Daybreak account
  2. Wait until they offer a free character boost
  3. Profit!!!

For the last few years I think I have only leveled up in EQII when Daybreak offers yet another free character boost, like the one that they just made available:

Offer good through May 22, 2017

The information is also in the release notes for this week’s update:


  • All accounts created before April 20th 2017 will be granted a level 100 boost item that will increase a single characters level to 100 and grant a set of equipment appropriate to playing within the Proving Grounds, or beginning their adventure in Kunark Ascending zones.

  • Accounts created after April 20th may obtain the level 100 boost item by subscribing. Only a single boost will be granted per account.

So you can see why I suggest you make an account in advance.

My account was created on November 12, 2004, so I think I am safe.  With this I think I will have a level 85, a level 95, and two level 100 characters and I think I only ever played any of them up to level 70 back in the day.  I think this time around I decided to level up Reynaldo on the Halls of Fate server.  He’s been hanging around in the Revelry & Honor guild since 2008 at about level 50.

To get the level boost you have to use the /claim command to bring up the claim window.  The boost bauble is in the Promotions section.

Level 100 Boost Bauble

When you activate it, hey presto, you are level 100.  You also get a package of gear.

Gear for you

I could not open up the packet of level 100 equipment because Reynaldo’s bags were full of junk, because of course they were.  But I think I will leave his cosmetic gear set to the rusty armor he has been sitting in for most of the last decade.

Reynaldo in the Sinking Sands

Maybe some day I will get around to playing him again.  However, my luck with Daybreak level boosts has not been so good.  I boost up and then tend to find myself lost in uncharted territory.  Ah well.

But if you do boost yourself up, you will find that they are also running a double currency event in the game as well, because who cares about inflation!

1 thought on “How to Level Up in EverQuest II the Easy Way

  1. Bhagpuss

    Every time they do this, which seems to be often, I log in all our accounts and grab a boost or upgrade on every one. I have absolutely no idea what for. There’s zero chance most of them will ever be played. Most of them probably won’t ever log in again. But hey, free stuff!

    One thing that is worth remembering for anyone who does actually play, though, is that you get a 20% increase in xp across the entire account for each max level character you have. I have a 60% boost on my main account that this will take to 80% and that will go to the maximum allowed 100% when my warlock, who is doing the last five levels the hard way, gets there. He’s 98 right now.

    And then in November the expansion will land, the level cap will go to 110 and my account bonus will go back to zero which, I can tell you, is a total bummer!

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