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Minecraft 1.12 World of Color Update Goes Live

While I haven’t been all that active on our Minecraft server of late, the Minecraft team has pressed on with new features for the PC version of the game, releasing the 1.12 update, called “World of Colors” yesterday.

World of Colors indeed

The high level change log list is this:

  • Added Glazed Terracotta blocks
  • Renamed Hardened Clay to Terracotta
  • Added Concrete Powder blocks
  • Added Concrete blocks
  • Updated base color palette
  • Added advancements
  • Added recipe book
  • Added Knowledge Book item
  • Added Parrots
  • Added functionality to save toolbars in creative mode
  • Added text-to-speech narrator
  • Added new sounds for the Note blocks
  • Added commands relating to recipes and advancements
  • Many minor fixes and changes
  • Removed Herobrine

As to what the bullet points mean, you have to go to the wiki for some of that.

Color is certainly the theme, with the new concrete and glazed terracotta blocks.  Mentioned a bit further down the list is that beds now also come in colors.  The default bed with the red blanket is gone, the blanket will be the same color as the wool you use to make it.

Black wool and white wool examples

Beds are also now springy, so you can bounce off of them.  This bounciness negates some falling damage and a player can fall as far as 41 blocks onto a bed and not die.  I made the two beds above and jumped off the top of my forest manor a few times to test this.  You do indeed bounce off of them and take much less damage.

Advancements have replaced achievements in the game, which means you get to re-earn essentially the same set of achievements all over again.  There are some differences, the idea of advancements being to help guide new players, but many of them are the same.

I killed a creeper with a bow and got these two…

There are also new hints as to how to play which show up when appropriate.

When I first logged in…

Technically, that isn’t correct.  You move with W, A, S, D, and your mouse, as in a first person shooter, but whatever.

Probably one of the bigger changes in this release is the introduction of a recipe book.

What can I make?

This brings the PC version in line with the Windows 10, console, and Pocket Edition versions of the game.

The book shows you the items you can make, adding recipes and you obtain items that can be used to craft.  For example, I picked up an iron block out of a chest and it added the anvil to my recipe book.

I already have a few, but thanks

This should be a great help to new players, as the recipes in the crafting system can be somewhat arcane and you either had to memorize them or look them up online.  When you select a recipe while at the crafting station, the game will populate the materials for you.  Clicking it again will give you two copies and so on.  If you’re missing ingredients, the ingredients will be highlighted in red… though it would be nice if only the missing ones were.  And, if you step away from the crafting station to fetch your missing ingredients, items left in the crafting station won’t fall on the floor any more.  They will now go back into your inventory.

Of course, after all of that, the reason I had to log in last night was parrots.  Found in jungle biomes and tamable with seeds, that was my quest for the evening.  And I had to look for quite a while before I found one. (Though I saw a lot more ocelots than I usually do, so it seems like their spawn rate got tweaked.)  Finally, after trekking through the jungle, I spotted one, fed him some seeds, and tamed him.

My green parrot

They come in five different types of plumage, fly around while following you, and land on your shoulder when then can.  Also, they die if you feed them a cookie.

Anyway, more to explore with Minecraft, the game that keeps on giving.


TNT Joins the Keepstar Club

TNT CEO Wibla announced yesterday that our Keepstar project, which had been collecting donations of ISK and materials since February or so, had finally come to fruition.

I kicked in a billion ISK, which isn’t all that much relative to the cost of the thing, but which represented about 10% of my ISK on hand at the moment.  So I had to go visit it.

The TNT Keepstar named “Wibla’s temple of SHOOTBLUES”

The Keepstar is the largest of the Upwell Consortium citadels. It is big enough to allow super captial ships to dock, something that was a big change when they were introduced a little more than a year ago.  And, since the YC119.5 update, there are alliance and corporation logos visible on them.

The TNT logo between the uprights

That logo is pretty big.  I tried getting a sense of its scale by flying my Ishtar, a cruiser hull, up to it.  You can just see the green tethering line ending in my ship. (It is easier to pick out if you click on the picture to see a larger version.)

Tiny Ishtar, big logo

All I can say is that it is very big, which makes the Keepstar itself huge.  There are a few other structures anchored in the vicinity from which the Keepstar is easily visible.

A human structure clearly visible from 3,000km away is big indeed.  You can see the other structures from the Keepstar… the Azbel at 3,000km is visible in the background of the giant logo screen shot… but they are much harder to pick out.

So we are in the Keepstar club now. one of nearly half a dozen such structures in Delve at this point. (Addendum: The count is actually seven)  I did see that we opted not to include the alliance leader display option on our Keepstar.  I am not sure how this setting works, but I do see the menacing visage of The Mittani on GSF citadels every so often.

Mittens is watching you

We might be better off without a capital ship sized Wibla on our Keepstar.