Delve – We Build and We Sell a Few Things

We are a week into June, so the time was right for the May 2017 economic report for EVE Online to show up.

As expected, dipping into the data shows Delve still at the top when it comes to ratting and mining.  The Imperium still care bears the hell out of its systems. It is a selling point for the coalition.

May 2017 – Stats for Top 20 Regions

We shall if the Rorqual and anomaly changes coming on Tuesday will put a dent in the mining side of that.

For other economic indicators however, The Forge region, with Jita in the role of central trade hub of New Eden, still ranks supreme.

All Road lead to Jita

For the market size The Forge has no competition, ringing it at 600 trillion ISK for May.

May 2017 – Total Market Trade Value by Region

Domain, the region with the next highest numbers, hosting the trade hub of Amarr, only showed 75 trillion ISK for May.  Surprisingly though, third place doesn’t fall to the regions that are home to the tertiary trade hubs of Hek or Dodixie.  Instead, Delve is in third place with 24 trillion ISK for May.  Not bad for a region held by a single coalition.  We sell a lot of stuff to ourselves.  Certainly the market in the Keepstar in 1DQ1-A seems to have most things I need.

A lot of what appears on our market is shipped in from Jita.  The groups running the shipping services run the Jita to Delve route frequently.  But we do build some of our own stuff as well.

May 2017 – Total Production Value by Region

The Forge is out in front again with 26 trillion ISK in value manufactured.  With Jita being what it is, people want to produce close to market, so The Forge at the top of the list, with adjacent regions of Lonetrek and The Citadel putting up solid numbers as well due to proximity.

But second place goes to Delve which manufactured 20 trillion ISK in goods.  I am sure capital and supercaps figure heavily in the mix.  But there are engineering complexes all over key systems in Delve building things.  You could see a couple in my post about the TNT Keepstar, and when you go into KarmaFleet’s home system your overview is pretty much overwhelmed by citadels and engineering complexes.

So I guess if ratting and mining numbers are seen as selling points for the Imperium, then we might also have a line there for manufacturers as well.

6 thoughts on “Delve – We Build and We Sell a Few Things

  1. Dinsdale Pirannha

    So the lead RMT cartel gains more generates more PVE income than the entirety of high sec, while having at best, 1/4 the population. Yup, you guys sure did a number on the game with your control of the dev’s. I know that absolutely no one at CCP has the guts to actually provide every ISK created in Delve, and compare that to all of high sec. And that is sad.

    The changes announced to the Rorqual and to supercap ratting is a joke. CCP could cut in half the effectiveness of those ships and goons would still generate more cash than the rest of the game combined.

    But hey, those PCU numbers keep on dipping, but like all great propaganda machines, I am sure you and your CCP management lackeys will have an answer “….but, but, look at our one year profits, so what we have done must be good for the game..” Same logic as the idiot son of the puppet tyrant today stating that the highest DOW ever proves that all love the puppet tyrant.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Dinsdale “RMT Cartel,” which translates to “people I don’t like, so they must be cheating somehow.” Meanwhile, I’ll just repeat “risk vs. reward” and add in effort as well. You just want CCP to hand you things. Delve is the result of a lot of players working together. Working together is what keeps people playing the game. What you want would crush the game, your ideas would actually crater the PCU, not just cause little dips like we’ve seen.


  3. SynCaine

    Oh good Dins is finally here to explain how he things the RMT cartel works, along with those high-sec kill mails he was working on… ah nope, still nothing. Shocker.


  4. Krumm

    We should get that man a tin foil hat….they’re quite fashionable.

    I often hear that nul sec can be safer then anywhere else to actually rat in peace…and as a drone boater I would love…oh so love to rat in a carrier. it sounds to be a good rat and do industrial. I’d love to join TNT and all…but what do think I should have as a asset base before making the null sec treck?

    On a side note, EQ2 just came out with a beta for a time locked “Fallen Gate” server.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – I erred in my previous comment when I suggested that Dinsdale has ideas. That would require him to be “for” something. He is only ever “against” things, that being the easiest path for a bitter ex-player to follow.

    @Krumm – The thing with null sec is that hostiles are generally obvious and, in our case, we have an intel channel where people post when a hostile shows up in system. So not only do you have a good idea who might shoot you, but where they are and when they are getting close.

    This, of course, is possible because of organization.

    In high sec the average passer by is less likely to be hostile, but any hostile is invisible in the mix. You don’t know if somebody is coming to get you until they show up.

    I have seen the Fallen Gate server mentioned. I will no doubt post about it once it goes live. I haven’t decided if I will actually go play.


  6. Fenjay

    I hate to contradict, but it looks like the third place (barely) goes to Sinq Laison, home of Dodixie. That said, it’s within 1T of Delve, so you can say that the region’s trading activity is roughly the same size as Eve’s third largest hub. Still pretty impressive.


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