Pushing into the Harathi Hinterlands

My time with Guild Wars 2 continues as the game of chasing objectives on the map gets me to log in for a bit every day.

That game

My time spent per session slipped some over the last week or so by my reckoning.  I did manage to wrap up the Glendarran Fields zone.

All boxes checked off

There is something of a pattern to finishing off a zone which includes the inevitable vista that I have to Google in order to figure out how to access it.

From Glendarran Fields it was into the Hirathi Hinterlands, featuring more of the same objectives and the now normal herds of centaurs.

A couple of people have suggested other zones to avoid the centaurs, but I do not find them to be objectionable in any way.  At worst, fighting them is no worse than fighting goblins or orc or gnolls or whatever bad guy stand-in you care to choose.  Also, gotta avenge my sister.  Also, they do seem a bit comic when examined closely.  I keep wondering how they pick things up when they drop them.  The upright humanoid torso at the front of their otherwise equine bodies don’t seem to have the reach.

In the Hirathi Hinterlands I made it to level 40.

Level 40 unlocks

However, the last three levels came about due to a daily reward that gave me three boosts good for one level each.  That was timely, as I had taken the wrong path in the zone and was getting in a bit over my head.  It is better to be a couple levels too high and get down-leveled in GW2.

Hitting level 40 also unlocked the next round of my personal story, this time in Lion’s Arch.  That yielded some upgrades and another level.  While there I used the opportunity to buy and collect a couple more upgrades, including a significantly better longbow.  Then I ran around and picked up some of the points of interest in the city as well.

After that it was back out to the hinterlands to lay in wait for more centaurs.

Waiting for the next wave to hit

And so it goes.  The centaur menace must be opposed.

3 thoughts on “Pushing into the Harathi Hinterlands

  1. Jenks

    Only played GW2 for a few minutes in its beta, are there a lot of nods to WoW in this game like this zone name?


  2. TheGreatYak

    Level 40, you should move into yellow “rare” quality armor/trinkets/weapons. (Though as Bhagpuss mentions, it’s not technically needed for PVE in the open world parts of the game).

    At this point it’ll be worth the stats boosts to acquire earrings, rings, and pendant.

    The area “heart” quest giver NPCs in the areas you’re in should have some rare quality items available for karma (blue triangle) once you’ve filled out that heart. You can also hit up the cultural armor/weapon merchants in the racial home town for the same (use fast travel via way points to get there and back).

    For gold, there’s always cheap low level stuff available from the trading post, since people grinding out crafting levels are producing stuff that is too low a level to be worth throwing in the mystic toilet, and possibly not worth salvaging after making it.

    Harathi Hinterlands has the world boss event chains that’s was one of my favorites from when I was still playing regularly (assault on the centaur camps), even outside of world boss timers, most of that event chain can trigger.


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