The Steam Summer Sale 2017 Arrives

As predicted/expected/hoped, the Steam Summer Sale went live at 17:00 UTC today.

Summer Sale Comes Again

I have been much less ambivalent about the upcoming sale than I have been in past years.  I am feeling the itch for a new game or three.  So as soon as the sale went live I checked my wishlist and… nothing I added recently is on sale.

Ah well.

This year the activities are driven by quests to obtain sticker by performing various activities.  Going through your discover queue is the obvious one, but there are other tasks.

Sticker pack for checking my prefs

Of course, the immediate heavy load on the store meant that such tasks led to errors, but it will smooth out once the rush to find the inevitably comically mis-priced items has died down.

Since my wishlist let down my initial rush of enthusiasm, I’ll have to stalk the store to see what I can find.  Or maybe I will buy something I really want at full price.  It’s been known to happen.

How are you feeling about Steam this summer?

5 thoughts on “The Steam Summer Sale 2017 Arrives

  1. Tanek

    If you only looked at the games on the wishlist, that may not tell the whole story. For whatever reason (Steam’s usual start-of-sale weirdness, I guess), some of the items on mine do not show as being on sale, but going to the store page I can see that they are.

    Hopefully, this is the case for at least a couple of yours. :)


  2. SynCaine

    Any idea if this year a games initial sale % is the final %, or are they doing that thing were each day the same game might have a different %? Want to grab Rocket League but not sure if 40% is the lowest its going to go…


  3. Tanek

    There is no guarantee the past will be a solid guide, but Steam sales for the last year or so have been sticking with the same discounts throughout. They feature different games on the front page, but it isn’t like a “daily deal” that gets a bigger discount anymore.


  4. Mbp

    A recommendation: Total Warhammer. The addition of magic and flying units has added great tactical diversity to the game and CA have done a beautiful job of bringing the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles to life. It also has campaign co op this time (only two players afaik). The game is also highly polished with a number of streamlined features compared to other Total War titles. The base game has a deep discount in the Steam sale while DLC has a lower cut but the DLC is entirely optional. There is many hours of fun to be had with just the base game.

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  5. Chordian

    To quote a user on Blues News, it’s “unfortunate that Valve got rid of the daily deals, flash sales and customer choice sales. Those discounts were always better because they were only available for a very limited time. Now that all discounts are available for weeks, they are inevitably less significant.”

    That being said, it’s also much easier nowadays. I only have to check my wishlist once when the sale starts, purchase the ones I find cheap enough, and that’s it.


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