Marching North to War in New Eden

The State of the Goonion came and went.  The Hell March from Command and Conquer was played, always a harbinger of a long slog somewhere , along with the Hymm of the Soviet Union, the ironic-but-not-really nod to the fact that the bunch of nominal libertarians running the Imperium have found that autocratic socialism is the only way to effectively run their empire.

The Fat Bee calls us…

The Mittani then spoke, hurfing and blurfing, which is the term of art in null sec for the bombastic propaganda in which alliances tend to engage at such times, about rather non-specific foes, finally announcing that we would be heading North.

He then noted that air of non-specificity about much of his hurfing and blurfing, saying that intel indicated than almost everybody in the north was sure we were really gunning for them and that he wasn’t keen to let anybody relax just yet, doubly so since this was all broadcast over Twitch with many of our potential foes watching.  A transcript is available an Imperium News.

The only details that we got were that we would likely tangle with two ongoing conflicts.  The first is an ongoing struggle in the Syndicate region between our own Initiative and Mercenary Coalition, where it was obvious with who we would side.  The second was TEST’s deployment north to fight with Darkness and their friends, where he had to to make clear we would be cooperating with TEST.  The last time we allied with TEST in any way was back during their Summer 2012 conquest of Delve, at the end of which was the break that led to the Fountain War and so on.

That still leaves a lot of room… and a lot of space… and other groups… unmentioned but possibly in the way.  What would really speak to our intentions was where we ended to staging.  All we were told about that was we would be staging our of low sec.  That leaves three possible regions from which to base.

Some regions in the North

If the target areas are as The Mittani said, and I wouldn’t put a ruse de guerre of announcing the wrong targets past him, then there are only three low sec regions that make sense as staging.  There is Placid, which puts us close to Syndicate, but also gives us a pipe to Pure Blind.  There is Black Rise, which is further from Syndicate, but gives us the back door route to Pure Blind and Fade via Cloud Ring.  And then there is Lonetrek where returning to Saranen would put us back on the doorstep of our former homeland with routes into Pure Blind and Tribute, but which is the furthest from Syndicate.

My gut says Lonetrek is the place and that Syndicate was mentioned to muddy the water.  But it would take a move op to find out where we were headed.

Move ops were immediately announced for the Euro Time Zone.  I would have to wait until I got home from work before joining up with the first US Time Zone move ops.

The call came early in the evening, with fleets up for capitals, shield doctrine subcaps, and armor doctrine subcaps.  Since I only had one armor doctrine ship I planned on bringing, but three shield doctrine ships, I opted for the shield fleet, logging in my alt and my main and joining up.

The shield fleet was made of mostly light ships, frigates and destroyers, so my pair fit right in.  I was running a Bifrost command destroyer and a Purifier stealth bomber north because they were special fits that I expected I wouldn’t be able to find on contract later once we settled into our staging.

My Bifrost zipping about

Theoretically our light fleet could move north pretty rapidly and be setup in out destination in an hour or so.  However, all the move ops would be coordinating, and our fleet of light ships would be used to shepherd the capitals, scare off any tacklers, and to scout.  So our pace was dictated by the pace of the capitals.  We would spread out over a corridor of gate and watch the capitals pass, then catch up to them as the hit a point from which they would jump.

Capitals collecting up on a Fortizar

Once they jumped we would free burn to catch up with them and start the process all over again, covering them as they gated while their jump fatigue timers ran down so they could jump again.

We also kept an eye on the armor doctrine fleet, made up mostly of Typhoon battleships, shepherding their stragglers and making sure everybody was safe.

The Typhoon ball passing through us again

That turned what would have been a quick trip for us into a slow slog, with many stops as we waited for caps to group up again or jump or otherwise get on with their own slow journey.

Capitals lolling about on a station waiting on their timer

So the whole thing stretched out beyond the three hour mark before we reached our destination in the north.  But it was necessary.  The Euro TZ capital op had some problems with hostiles on its trip north earlier in the day and a couple of stragglers had been tackled and blown up.  So we had to take care lest the same occur on our watch.  And the hostiles were out there, their ships not always subtle in name.

Cloaked and watching a Malediction watching our cap fleet

In another call back to 2012, I actually saw Makalu Zarya, one of the main opposition FCs from the Delve war back then, along the way north. He’s in NCDot, so we might be shooting at him again.

And when we finally arrived at our destination citadel, we were told that it was not our staging system, but just a waypoint where multiple move ops could collect up and be ready to move to and secure our actual staging point.

Meanwhile, down in Delve, with the local numbers reduced as combat pilots streamed north, the mining care bears were learning just how effective the defense network can be as Rorqual losses started adding up.  I expect that the monthly economic report for August will show a significant drop in Delve mining.  However, I bet that doesn’t change the price of tritanium in Jita, since we use all we mine in Delve and have to import more.

So that is what I saw on the way north.  We’ll see where we end up and when combat operations actually begin.  SynCaine is on his way north as well, so he’ll have his own perspective.  Until then there is a silly video about lighting beacons/cynos across New Eden.

16 thoughts on “Marching North to War in New Eden

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – I like to travel light. And I figured we’d be close to Jita, so contracts should be up once we settle in to fill in the ships I need. Plus, the last time I convoyed in my carrier I got left behind in Rakapas and had to make my way to Delve alone.


  2. ibaien

    as a dedicated follower of Eve: a bad game, primarily as a model of large scale human dynamics, I find it fascinating that the most significant group in the game has found lasting success with a sort of tarted-up space chavismo. maybe it turns out that all the people want is a guaranteed basic income and a popular leader giving the occasional bombastic speech.


  3. Rodger Kint

    eh, I wouldn’t extend the eve data too much into real life. people do stuff in eve they wouldn’t dream of doing in RL. all the imperium’s durability displays is that a significant proportion of people are attracted to exploring the fantasy of joining the hitler youth brown shirts in a game. Mittani provides the role playing script and people log in to experience that fantasy.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Rodger Kint – Yeah, yeah, “Grr Goons” and all that, because what we do to other people in almost any other PvP game is exactly like real life.

    Goons have run several campaigns to stop people from being racist, sexist, and homophobic on coms and in the forums, but sure, Nazis all the way. You run with that.


  5. SynCaine

    The structure works in a game because in a game, at any time, anyone can straight stop and leave. You can’t do that in the real world. You can’t realistically walk into work tomorrow and quit without a second thought; you can do exactly that in EVE, both in dropping Corp or full-out stopping to play EVE.

    Also in the real world a job can get people to show up because it pays them. In EVE people pay to show up. Different ways of management work or don’t under those conditions.

    Also yes, 40k+ of us are all deep down Nazis and Mittens is the greatest Hitler impersonator of all time.


  6. Dinsdale Pirannha

    “Goons have run several campaigns to stop people from being racist, sexist, and homophobic on coms and in the forums, but sure, Nazis all the way. You run with that.”

    And your fearless leader also introduced a campaign with the ultimate goal to drive a player to suicide. Yup, you guys are all about sweetness and light. A girl in the states was just sentenced to 15 months in jail for involuntary manslaughter for cajoling her suicidal boyfriend to kill himself. Your boy was as bad, as well as all the acolytes of his who thought “it is a joke, get over it”.


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Dins – That is your read of the situation, spun (where “spin” means “lie”) to make Goons look as bad as possible, but sure, go ahead. Ignore the fact that the person in question was attempting emotional blackmail by threatening suicide over a video game, or that the person in question couldn’t even recall the incident, that Mittens never used his real name, was suspended for his behavior, gave the person all of his ISK as compensation, apologized, and has not behaved that way again.

    But sure, other than all of that, it is exactly the same as a girlfriend telling her boyfriend to kill himself and the boyfriend actually doing it.

    Meanwhile, you yourself seem to be exempt from the social niceties. I’ve seen you call people like Neville Smit obscene names in comment threads. You are, to my mind, a much bigger ass in this community with your hate driven vendetta. You go on about EVE Online, but you goal seems to be to kill it. You are a villain in your own right.

    Anyway, your argument is essentially that one person in a group once did a bad thing, so said group can never be said to have done a good thing, which is complete bullshit.


  8. Sendric

    “Goons have run several campaigns to stop people from being racist, sexist, and homophobic on coms and in the forums,”

    I can verify this. GSF/Imperium are actually the most accommodating and inclusive group I have ever encountered in a game. On one recent fleet I personally observed the FC and other leaders bend over backwards to accommodate a deaf player so that they could join in the fun. You’ll see FAR worse examples of hateful speech/behavior in Jita local or other parts of highsec than you ever would in Goons.


  9. Sendric

    @SynCaine: I wish i were in line based on the pings I am seeing. I should be able to make it to staging tonight though.


  10. Rodger kint

    from goons own dotlan corp info:

    At the same time, there is the much more unsettling opposite idea of the domination of my screen persona over my “real” self. Our social identity, the person we assume to be in our social intercourse, is already a “mask” that involves the repression of our inadmissible impulses. But it is precisely in the conditions of “just playing” – when the rules regulating our “real life” exchanges are temporarily suspended – that we can permit ourselves to display these repressed attitudes. Take the proverbial impotent shy person who, while participating in a cyberspace interactive game, adopts the identity of an irresistible seducer or sadistic murderer. It is all too simple to say that this identity is just an imaginary escape from real-life impotence. The point is rather that, since he knows that the cyberspace interactive game is “just a game,” he can “show his true self” and do things he would never have done in real-life interactions. In the guise of a fiction, the truth about himself is articulated. The fact that I perceive my virtual self-image as mere play thus allows me to suspend the usual hindrances which prevent me from realising my “dark half” in real life. My electronic id is given wing.

    Goons are space assholes to anyone thats not a goon. Its what you do. I guess you just enjoy playing out being jerks. I’m sure you’re able to be nice people and inclusive within your group but you’re really deluding yourselves if you think the rest of the universe you’ve been subjecting to abuse for ten years wont preferential shoot at your spaceships given half a chance.

    Now there are a lot of non-goons that enjoy acting out and harvesting tears but you have to admit the goons have institutionalized it. And every game is better off with some antagonists, nobody wants to play happy bunny pony flower trading games. Y’all have built up a lot of hate capital over the years. Own it.


  11. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Rodger kint – Which led to you saying Goonswarm was a home for Nazis, which myself and two other insiders disagreed with strongly. That was your key premise. Nazis. Are you still saying that? Does that remain your stance, that we’re all wanna be Nazis?

    After more than five years in what is now the Imperium… which came after five years of being not a part of, and occasionally a victim of, Goons, as documented in my posts… my primary observation is that the organization is pretty much a mirror of the game. Nothing goes on there that doesn’t happen elsewhere in the game. Newbies are fostered, new people join and find a home, care bears mine and build, wornholers do whatever it is they do in those holes, others leave because they think the grass is greener elsewhere. Some people get pissed off because they are on the outside and feel like they should be treated like insiders. Some people on the inside feel like they are better than others. Most just want to be some place that enables them to do what they want in the game and are willing to band together against outsiders.

    But if you showed up and wanted to play the Nazi, you’d be shown the door.

    Anyway, if you’re just going to be all “Grr Goons,” feel free to take it to /r/eve on Reddit or some other forum. Dinsdale already holds the official “Grr Goons” position here, so having somebody else who can’t speak of anything else… certainly you had nothing to add to the actual topic of the post… isn’t really necessary.


  12. Sendric

    Hmmm…if I were to believe everything I hear about PH then I would say that they are just going to reship those Machs with their highsec citadel extortion racket.


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