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Blogger Fantasy Movie League – Week Ten

The tenth of thirteen weekends has now passed for our Fantasy Movie League.

The time of the summer blockbusters has clearly passed and the time of opening weekends vaulting past the $50 million mark is in the rear view mirror.  And so we had to make do with these choices for the tenth weekend.

The Dark Tower          $343
 Dunkirk                $201
 Girls Trip             $176
 The Emoji Movie        $171
 Detroit                $167
 Atomic Blonde          $127
 Spider-Man             $100
 Planet of the Apes     $70
 Kidnap                 $63
 Despicable Me 3        $62
 Valerian               $38
 Baby Driver            $33
 Wonder Woman           $32
 The Big Sick           $27
 An Inconvenient Sequel $13

Gone as well are the titles priced such that you can only pick a single screen.

The weekend saw four new titles make it onto the list of choices, and each had something to speak against it being a break-out performer.  The Dark Tower is a 90-minute version of a Stephen King book… I think it takes more than 90 minutes to read the preface in his books… that declined to give early access for critics, never a good sign.

Then there was Kidnap with Halle Berry that had been lingering in production for a couple of years and also avoided the critics before its premier.

Detroit was critically acclaimed, but isn’t the sort of escapist topic that gets a huge audience.

And then Al Gore was back with An Inconvenient Sequel slipping in at the bottom of the list.  Do I have to explain the narrow demographic that will go watch his presentation?  Well, let me add that it was only showing on 180 screens in the US as well.

Given that, my preference was to eschew all of the new titles on the list and to build up a selection out of past performers.  To this end I anchored my selection with four screens of Dunkirk, followed by one screen of Spider-Man, wrapped up with three screens of Wonder Woman.

Week 10 Picks

This turned out to not be a horrible selection.  It certainly avoided the catastrophic returns of my Atomic Blonde strategy in week nine.

In fact, it was good enough to put me back in my perennial second place position for the week.

  1. Dr Liore’s Evil House of Pancakes – $105,146,663
  2. Wilhelm’s Clockwork Lemon Multiplex – $84,245,964
  3. Void’s Awesomeplex – $78,549,186
  4. Moderate Peril’s Sleazy Porno Theatre – $71,670,435
  5. Braxwolf’s Waffleplex – $70,916,256
  6. Pasduil’s Popcorn Picturehouse – $70,462,720
  7. Syl’s Fantasy Galore Panopticum – $62,380,206
  8. Bel’s House of Horrors – $61,262,837
  9. Ocho’s Octoplex – $61,155,377
  10. Murf’s Matinee Mania – $45,707,946

However, the path to winning was not compatible with avoiding the week’s new titles.  Specifically, Kidnap outperformed the modest expectations set for it.  It earned $10 million at the box office, to which one could add another $2 million for being the best price/performance title for week ten.

So the week’s perfect pick was three screens of Dunkirk and five screens of Kidnap, which 959 players managed to correctly select.

Week 10 Perfect Pick

Liore did not get the perfect pick this week, but she came close.  She had two screens of Spider-Man taking up valuable space that could have gone to Kidnap.  Still, that was enough for her to pick up her seventh weekly win so far this season, and by a fair margin too.

Further down the list, Void joined me in going with four screens of Dunkirk and was suitably rewarded.  After that the next six anchored on The Dark Tower, which under performed.  And then there is Murf who went as deep as he could on Detroit, putting it on five screens.

That leaves the season scores after week ten as:

  1. Dr Liore’s Evil House of Pancakes – $1,094,030,554
  2. Wilhelm’s Clockwork Lemon Multiplex – $1,007,563,022
  3. Ocho’s Octoplex – $924,848,021
  4. Void’s Awesomeplex – $908,111,101
  5. Moderate Peril’s Sleazy Porno Theatre – $885,170,836
  6. Pasduil’s Popcorn Picturehouse – $870,153,787
  7. Braxwolf’s Waffleplex – $848,816,786
  8. Murf’s Matinee Mania – $818,197,041
  9. Syl’s Fantasy Galore Panopticum – $787,215,542
  10. Bel’s House of Horrors – $772,304,000

Liore opened up the gap even further, sitting $86 million out in front of me, while Ocho’s picks let me pull further ahead of him.  However, the ordering did not change from last week, people just got a little more spread out.  There could be some low-to-mid-pack changes of position in the last few weeks, but I think we can already see who will win. (And who will come in second and likely third place.)

That leaves us looking at Week Eleven’s line up.

Annabelle Creation $380
The Nut Job 2      $176
Dunkirk            $143
The Dark Tower     $106
Girls Trip         $89
The Emoji Movie    $77
Spider-Man         $75
Kidnap             $72
Detroit            $56
Atomic Blonde      $54
The Glass Castle   $52
Despicable Me 3    $44
Planet of the Apes $43
Baby Driver        $21
Wonder Woman       $20

I really don’t have much to say.  Annabelle Creation, The Nut Job, and The Glass Castle join the list, but I don’t know anything about any of them.  The end of summer is nigh and we’re getting to the dregs of the season.