Is Raptr Dead or What?

I know the site is still up, and I can log in when I go there, but otherwise things seem pretty dead around Raptr these days.

I actually uninstalled the Raptr client a few months back because it wasn’t tracking games I was playing with any accuracy any more.  Primarily the problem was with EVE Online, which Raptr has always seemed to have problems with, though I am not sure why.  Both Discord and the Twitch client (which used to be the Curse client until Twitch bought them, and which I only keep around to keep my World of Warcraft addons up to date) both seem to know when I am playing EVE Online, so it isn’t like CCP is trying to hide the operation of their client.

Anyway, Raptr was gone.  I filled out the little exit survey to tell them about my issue and went on my way.

Recently though I have noticed that some of the instant messenger channels through which I keep track of people had started to fade.  Yahoo is the primary culprit here, having gone through a bout of cutting off third-party support to build a wall around itself in hopes that people would like it more.  No more watching multiple accounts via Trillian.  Instead you have to use their ad-tastic and awkward client.  I especially like how they now refuse to push email notifications to the built-in iOS mail app.  They couldn’t bring themselves to cut it off completely.  Instead they make it slightly less useful and pop up a dire warning about third party apps when you log into mail on their site.

So I put Raptr back on my computer.  It was one of the IM avenues I shared with Potshot, and with the coming of the the Mordor expansion and exploring plans to return to LOTRO I though it might be a good idea to have that available. (My Raptr friend’s list is mostly people who have not logged into the site in ages.)

However, since I put it back on the client has failed to log on most days I have tried.

My account is still good.  I can log onto their site directly with those credentials.  The client, however, fails.

I know Raptr has been looking for a new path, having failed, as so many have before them, to find the magic to create a general online gaming community portal.  They tried game tracking and instant messenger, repeating what founder Dennis Fong did when he launched Xfire.

That was the bit I signed up for.

They tried doing online forums and putting out play time stats and the like.  Then they tried their hand and optimizing your graphic settings, playing the utility role.  Then they dumped their console support to focus on the PC master race.  Then they got into video with their stuff, which I turned off almost immediately.

And now, looking at their site, their latest press releases and blog updates are almost a year and a half old at this point.  The place seems dead.  When I uninstalled the Raptr client again, even the exit survey was closed, like nobody was home.

So what is happening at Raptr?  Have they just given up?  Does anybody care?

Addendum: Dead was the correct guess.

7 thoughts on “Is Raptr Dead or What?

  1. zaphod6502

    I would say it has had its day like the long dead XFire service. For social networking gaming purposes a lot of players have moved to the Twitch platform. I notice Fong started the service “Plays.TV” in 2015 to try and get on the game streaming train but Twitch/OBS has that market sown up. It’s hard to be successful when you release a “me too” product that doesn’t offer anything different to the market leader.


  2. zaphod6502

    Oh and I forgot to mention the Discord platform in the above post which every gamer is now using and does a great job of creating gaming communities and keeping people connected.


  3. SynCaine

    I feel like any platform that starts off trying to be a ‘community spot’ is doomed. Bring something to the table, and the community will form. Don’t expect a community to just come and start using your platform ‘because’, doesn’t work.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Well, that it lasted as long as it did meant it had something to offer that people wanted at some point. But that wore out, for whatever reason, and nothing else they tried seemed to be able to replace it. I imagine that it will linger on for a while, as Xfire did. But even Xfire shut down eventually, going dark in April of last year.


  5. Jenks

    Raptr never really caught on from what I can tell. I used it briefly and couldn’t get a single person to use it with me, so it was uninstalled. I think its problem is (anecdotal opinion) most gamers are single platform gamers. Raptr was a cool idea to me because it merged steam, blizzard, xbox, playstation, etc onto one friends list and tracked all of it. But in reality, more than half my xbox friends don’t game on pc. Way more than half my blizzard friends dont play anything outside bnet. So to many gamers, it provided no value. And if I’m a multiplatform gamer and the target audience, but I can’t get my friends to use it, well I’m not going to use it either.

    Discord has come and pretty much crushed the dream. All people want are memes and voice comms, and it does both very well for free. Gtalk (hangouts now?) killed AIM for my group of friends years ago, and now Discord has killed gtalk.


  6. wowstorylines

    I uninstalled Raptr quite a while ago because it wasn’t doing anything for me and moved on to Twitch. It seemed kind of a waste of time to keep trying to get other people into Raptr – it definitely couldn’t keep up with the bigger competitors that had the backing and the followers pretty much established.


  7. eternien

    I use it since 2010 and after Xfire, for me the only reason is the game tracking, it’s track not only my pc gaming but also the other console games (retro or new, just have to do it manually) and for the moment i can’t find any equivalent that does the same things.
    I’m really upset about losing as many hours of games record -_-


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