EQ2 Wire to Shut Down after Nine Years

In what I can only call a blow to the extended EverQuest II community, Feldon of the site EQ2 Wire has decided to call it quits.

The site, which has been in operation for just over nine years, has been my go-to for news and updates about EverQuest II.  Feldon has been something of a crutch for me, helping me keep track of a game I care about but haven’t played in any serious way in at least five years.

Unfortunately, Feldon has also moved away from the game.  In his post announcing the end of his coverage, he pointed to that, his deteriorating relationship with Daybreak, and the fact that he has many other things going on in his life as factors that led to his decision.

It is sad to hear he his giving up his role in the EQII community.  I have often repeated that I wish there was a Feldon for EverQuest and Rift and a few other MMOs out there.  But it can be a lot of work and his efforts have not always been appreciated by SOE and Daybreak, so I can only thank his for all his has done and wish him well in whatever he chooses to pursue.

I do hope he will keep the site up for now, if only out of selfish reasons… I don’t need another raft of dead links here, as I have linked out to EQ2 Wire often.

He has stated that he will continue to maintain the EQ2U Players site for now as it still gets a significant amount of traffic from player look ups.

When fan sites like this depart, it points out both the strength and weakness of online gaming communities.  On the one hand, the efforts of a single player can touch a wide swathe of the community.  But our tendency to depend on such sites is exposed when they depart and we feel the hole they have left in our world.

And so it goes.  Good luck Feldon and thank you for all you’ve done!

4 thoughts on “EQ2 Wire to Shut Down after Nine Years

  1. Anonomouse

    The truth is that TheyBreak Games only cares about our wallets and nothing else, they ban anyone that publicly disagrees with them on Discord, they do not honor store discounts, the bugs pile up and the micro purchase system is a joke. GL updating ascensions each one is about 80 USD and im sure that number will go up with the new expansion!!! The customer support is non existent and the staff is under-worked and over-payed!!!

    Im sure this game has less than a year left to it.

    Feldon will be missed and so will all the quality players that will leave the game over the next few months!

    PS This was being nice, trust me i wanted to be much harsher…


  2. Bhagpuss

    I just read his announcement when I got home from work. It will be a blow, that’s for sure. On the other hand, an awful lot of the news at EQ2 is direct links from the official website, which I have fallen out of the habit of visiting entirely because I got into the habit of using EQ2Wire as a filter for it, so it’s a recursive argument. I guess I need to add the regular website to Feedly now.

    What it may or may not say about EQ2 and DBG is less clear. Feldon, even by his own account, was a difficult proposition. EQ2 also has more bitter vets than pretty much any MMO I play. It’s easy to get the impression that everyone hates the game even while they are playing it and I often found the comment threads on EQ2Wire to be hostile and negative towards both the game and the people who produce and maintain it. I won’t miss that aspect.

    I also never use EQ2u and blocked my characters from sending it data when it was set up (although I did change that at one time – not sure how it stands right now). I have never liked, used or approved of out-of-game character look-ups that can be seen by other players but then I was one of those who found the old EQ /inspect function offensive.

    Anyway, as per your post on DBG’s general situation, I guess we’ll see if this is a straw in the wind or just a blip. If I had to bet I’d guess it has more to do with Feldon’s own circumstances and state of mind than with any specific change or development at DBG. I had the impression he was fed up with both the game and running the website some time ago and who could blame him for packing it in if so?


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – Oh yes, the forums. Feldon’s big add was that he used to watch the forums and report on what SOE/DBG was saying there during the era when the various teams felt saying something on the forums was sufficient notification for any breaking news item. I guess that DBG does have RSS feeds now for their news on a few games now. I’ll have to add those as well.


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