Daily Archives: October 28, 2017

Chasing the Headless Horseman Year after Year

I didn’t come back to WoW just to run the Hallow’s End even again, but I came back when the event was live, so I figure I might as well carry on in my ongoing effort to get the elusive mount.

201 mounts, but not HIS mount

I don’t know how many years in a row this makes in futile pursuit of that one Hallow’s End prize I have yet to obtain.  But I keep on queuing up.  At least it is quick.

The queue generally pops in under five minutes

This year I only have two characters that can realistically run the event.  Out of a pile of six level 100s at the end of Warlords of Draenor only two have gone into Legion so far.  So twice a day, every day, I give it a shot.

Occasionally I get something good.  I got the Horseman’s Horrific Hood on my first run with Vikund, an ilevel 880 helm that was a big upgrade over what he was wearing.

Vikund with the new helm

Of course, with WoW’s wacky cosmetic system, I had to go find the NPC to reset my look since cosmetics apply to individual pieces of equipment rather than equipment slots.  Whatever.  At least I can now do the horseman’s laugh on demand now, a feature of the helm that is pretty cool.

Most of the time… like every single time since I got the helm… I end up with a paper mask and some candy.  Not even a ring.  And you can probably guess how I feel about getting candy at this point.

Why do I look UP when puking? How does that make things better?

Still I persist, hoping that the random number generator will favor me some day and give me the mount.