The Headless Horseman Escapes with His Mount Again

Another year and the same result; no headless horseman’s mount.

I think this image is older than the mount in question

Told in the comments of the last post that the event now scales pretty broadly, I hauled out more characters to run it on Sunday, a few more on Monday, and last night, as Hallow’s End prepared to fade, I went through other servers looking for likely candidates to press into service.

A lot of dusty old characters, neglected for years, were suddenly sent into action, including the inevitable hunter who still had a quiver with ammunition equipped.

I will say that the Heirlooms system was extremely useful, as there was a lot of questionable gear on some of these guys.  I had to choose a spec, assign talents, and throw some heirloom gear onto them and send them into the fight.  A few even leveled up.

I actually did pretty well with random hunters.  I am actually glad I have so many strewn about on various servers.  I also sort of figured out how to do DPS as a mage after a couple of tries.  Rogues though, I probably shamed the rogues guild with my feeble stabs.  The one character/class I didn’t get to run was the Demon Hunter.  As it turned out, the one I rolled last year was still in the starter zone and I couldn’t queue him up until I finished.  It was more efficient to just move on to another character.

So lots of runs over the last few days, but no luck.  The mount did not come my way again this year.

201 mounts, but not HIS mount

We’ll see about next year.

4 thoughts on “The Headless Horseman Escapes with His Mount Again

  1. Krumm

    Speaking on mounts…
    If we could cage our mounts like we can cage our battle pets that drop then I would give you mine…Id also throw in the brew fest kodo if you could convince them to do it.

    Id make my son give me one of the two blizcon mounts…. Funny story to that. I was like hmm nice mounts I think Ill get the virtual ticket this year, my first, and what does my son say first thing when I tell him we are going to get it and watch it?? Oh wow I can get the mounts. I whimpered inside my head.


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