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Panadar’s Massive Minecraft Monuments

I haven’t been much into our Minecraft server of late.  No great project has gotten me interested.  I have spent some time laying rails along the route to the mansion I found almost a year back, but supply and logistics started to wear me down.  Building the road, which takes an hour to ride on a good horse, was a long haul.  Laying mine cart track… and making the track and hauling it to the end of the line… turned into an effort I wasn’t up to finishing just yet.

Which isn’t to say the server has been empty.  Somebody went out and scouted out another mansion.  I am not sure who went out there… and that much further than the 20km I went… and back.  But that is our third mansion, the mystery mansion.

That is a long loop to the southeast

Also, I figured out how to get the map renderer working again.  It requires grabbing the binaries and replacing them in my current install, but that is pretty easy.  I am happy to have a current map again.  It lets me see what has been going on.

A couple of corp mates from EVE Online have been on the server some this year, Panadar (Hir) and Bob.

Panadar has been on for quite a while and established his own spot in the world, building a very nice castle not too far from one of my own monstrosities.

Panadar’s Castle

This does not include the amount of tunnel he had done under the castle.  His excavations joined up with the ones below my own outpost which, in turn, linked up with some of Aaron’s that happen to link up with some of mine further down the line, so that we have a pretty extensive underground highway.

When I was last working on the road he was going after an ocean monument, the laborious process of clearing it, sealing it up, and removing all the water, which leaves a nice aqua blue underground base. (Not as insane as Aaron’s guardian farm, but still more work than you want to think about.)  The south end of the incomplete rail line to the north mansion runs under water through that base now.

Running into Panadar along the rail line

As I sort of faded from the server for long stretches I got a ping from Panadar saying that I should go look at the world, that there might be some new things there.  Eventually I stumbled back onto the server and with a couple of hints… at that point I wasn’t able to render maps so could just scan the terrain to find things… I ran across the first of his monumental creations.  It was a giant dwarf with an axe.

The dwarf from a map render

This sat atop a large hill through which the great rail loop ran, close to his castle.

Seeing the dwarf at night from the rail line

It was visible from the top of a nearby mountain where I had built a tower as well.

The dwarf across the valley

This was late in the summer and, by all signs, the dwarf had been there for a while.

Literally, a sign

Panadar said I should look other places along the rail line and, sure enough, as I traveled northward and hit the north end of the mesa biome, from which we have all farmed so many colored blocks that you can see it on the map, I found another work facing one of the stations on the line. (What I called Desert Temple Station on the rail loop post.)

A dragon is watching

It was actually hard to get a decent screen shot of the dragon because it is so tall that it sticks up above the cloud layer, so clouds continually pass by and obscure parts of it.  Even in this shot there is a small cloud over the base of one giant wing and another was just about to hit a chunk of the other wing. (Clouds were moving left to right.)

As I discover this he was getting ready to start on his next project, a giant version of the Egyptian god Anibus just up the rail line from the dragon.

Anubis astride the rails

Anubis sits not too far down the tracks from the dragon so that, on the overviewer map, they appear to face each other.

Anubis and the Dragon, with the desert temple station in between

You cannot actually see one from another in the game.  One of the aspects of using the Minecraft Realms server is that, in order to keep the load down, they restrict how far you can see, which equates to the number of terrain chunks the game needs to load.  If that Mineserver project had ever come to fruition would have been able to control that setting.  On a Realms server you are stuck with what they let you have.  But it is still so cheap compared to other hosting solutions that it is worth the sacrifice.

I got to see Panadar build some of Anubis and learned that he wasn’t building these from scratch but working from plans he found on the web.  That does not diminish the level of his work.  On a survival server where you have to go get your own materials, haul them to the build site, build scaffolding or other ways to work high up in the sky, and deal with the day/night cycle with the zombies, skeletons, spiders, and creepers coming to get you, being able to create such works is a challenge even if you have your idea mapped out in advance.

And then there is falling off of high places while you’re working.  You die and you have to run back to grab your stuff, but if you just got back from a supply run and last slept in a bed far away, you may not respawn where you want to.

Anubis was actually built in short order.  If you visit it you can see ladders going up inside of it and can still climb up into it.

It was at that point that Panadar decided to go all out on his biggest project yet, a giant dragon astride one of my bridges.  Just south of the mesa biome, he began working away.  I logged on once in a while during this build… and heard from him on Discord now and again… and it was a huge and trying effort.  The resource count was huge.  The build site was awkward.  And falling to his death seemed to happen just about every time I logged on.  Still, the end result is magnificent and enormous.  It is big enough that I can’t get a decent in-game screen shot of it… again, clouds, along with the bridge in the way and the limited view distance.  It comes across okay on the overviewer map.

The giant dragon astride the bridge

The wings are filled in with gray glass… one of the resource constraints, making huge amounts of gray glass which requires ink sacs from squids which had him off and building a squid farm at one point… which do not cast a shadow, so you see only the spines of the wings in shadow form on the terrain.

And the whole thing dwarfs the scenery as you roll up in a mine cart from the south.

I think that project wore Panadar out on Minecraft for a while.  But it is another magnificent work in our little online world.