This is Fine Meme meets World of Warcraft

I was trying to hit an old news item on the World of Warcraft site and ended up with a server error instead.  As it turns out, the Blizzard team likes to inject pop culture references and memes into their server errors as well.

This is fine… and will never be edited and abused for some hated game mechanic

I was trying to find that infographic Blizz did after they hit the 100 million account mark back in 2014, but I guess it went up in the fire.  I know it was a thing, there is still a mention of it over at Polygon.

As for why I was looking for that infographic… these memories just pop into my head now and again.  Also it was referenced in something listed as a related post earlier this week.

Addendum: And, in case you’re dying to use this, I pulled the base image out of the source.

This is fine

2 thoughts on “This is Fine Meme meets World of Warcraft

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gevlon -Blizz is here to make money. Why wouldn’t they put it there? Now if they had bothered to put “esports” on that error (its already in the menu bar) I would have been surprised.


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