Delve – Mining Dominance

The EVE Online monthly economic report for October is out, confirming at least that CCP Quant remains on staff at CCP.  And out in Delve it seems that the Rorquals are running all hours of the day to burn down rocks for ore, as it leads the charts by a significant margin over any other region.

October 2017 – Mining Value by Region

CCP Quant has provided an additional chart to help visualize the mining gap.

October 2017 – Mining Value by Region – Bar Graph

By my back of the envelope tally, roughly one third of all mining value in New Eden came out of rocks in the Delve region.

Value of ore mined is determined by the market value of the ore, so that the number is up from 12 trillion ISK in September to 16 trillion ISK in October might not necessarily mean more ore mined.  Unless the price of ore and minerals went down this month, and they did.

October 2017 – Economic Indices

Mineral prices, having jumped in August and September, were down in October.  So the boost in mining output might have been an attempt to cash in on rising prices, leading to enough pressure to push down the recent highs.

This was all pretty much in advance of the Lifeblood expansion which came out on October 24th.  Next months report should begin to show the impact of the new moon mining mechanics on mining output.

On the bounties front Delve again led the pack.

October 2017 – NPC Bounties by Region

However, the lead by Delve on bounties wasn’t anything like the lead in mining.  Again, a new chart to help compare.

October 2017 – NPC Bounties by Region – Bar Graph

Delve is more than double its nearest competitor… no deployments or wars in or around Delve to slow anybody down right now… so it is all go go go for ratting.

Overall bounties remain mostly a null sec thing, with 92% being paid out there.

October 2017 – Bounties by Space Sec Rating

Meanwhile, on the overall sinks and faucets chart bounties have again crept up to nearly their previous all time high, leading one to wonder if CCP is going to need to nerf super carrier and carrier ratting some more.

October 2017 – Top 8 ISK Sinks and Faucets

Overall bounty payouts for October were only 3 trillion ISK higher than September, but the trend is worrying.

On the production front, Delve remained a significant player.

October 2017 – Production Values by Region

Once more we have a nice new chart to help visualize how regions stack up.

October 2017 – Production Values by Region – Bar Graph

The Forge region is out in front, and regions around the Jita trade hub (The Forge, Lonetrek, and The Citadel) dominate production, but Delve is not far behind when measuring individual regions.

Finally, the regional summary chart of key indices.

October 2017 – Regional Summary Stats

Sitting in Delve, mining, ratting, and building, one might wonder what we plan to do with all of that economic might.  It has been very quiet down in the southwest for weeks now.

Anyway, these charts and more are posted, along with the raw data, here.

5 thoughts on “Delve – Mining Dominance

  1. Dinsdale Pirannha

    Yup. by your own account, 92% of all ISK created was out of null, but the null sec cartels, nope, they are not involved in RMT on an industrial scale…..sure.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Dins – Not 92% of all ISK, 92% of bounties. That comes to 55% of ISK from faucets (and the Delve bounties total is just 9% of all faucet income), which is still a lot. But the market and construction numbers all show null sec buying a lot of stuff too. You sound like a cop stopping somebody and finding they have a bunch of cash in the car. Must be for drugs, better impound it!

    And didn’t I see you taking SynCaine to task recently about being obsessed about something? You said your account expired, maybe let it go.


  3. Orson Brawl

    I was looking forward to this report. Mineral prices have been dropping steadily. My cost to produce a dread came down 80mil compared to just a week ago. I assumed I had goons to thank and it looks like I assumed correctly.


  4. Returning Vet

    Really enjoy the blog. Just back from a break and trying to figure things out. Who is in Delve these days?


  5. Gevlon

    This is clear proof that a 3-4 regions could house the entire EVE population. It can mean two things:
    – CCP meant the game to be played as a peaceful mining/ratting simulator
    – CCP are idiots


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