Extra Credits – PUBG Explored

Extra Credits explores what makes PlayerUnknown’s Battleground such a compelling game.

It sounds plausible, but not having played it, I couldn’t confirm.

2 thoughts on “Extra Credits – PUBG Explored

  1. wowstorylines

    I’ve watched a lot of the streams and a few tournaments of the game and it does keep you on the edge of your chair sometimes. LOL I enjoy WoW a whole lot more because I can take breaks when I need too without any penalties. :D


  2. SynCaine

    Accurate, yet at the same time, its a pretty casual game in that most people don’t care about a match after the match, regardless if a squad mate drove your car off a cliff or you won the whole round. I mean, the funny moments are still highlights, but if a round goes really poorly, like say you die almost instantly, you really don’t care. That’s the beauty of it, in that in the moment it is tense and exciting, but then its right back to the lobby and back to that casual feeling before you are once again jumping out of the plane.


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