Internet Spaceship Screen Shot Tip of the Day

Yesterday CCP ran a quick screen shot contest on Twitter.  They do such things on social media every so often.  They were giving away ten 60 Day Omega time codes to the ten best screen shots sent in response to their tweet.  They even had a sample screen shot showing how cool EVE Online can look.

My immediate response was to wonder what you do when they use one of your own screen shots as the example.

That is a shot I took during one of the Fortizar fights up in Hakonen back in August.

So a bit of pride there.  I couldn’t be satisfied with just that though, could I?  But what other screen shot should I submit?  The problem with taking lots of screen shots and having another blog devoted to EVE Online screen shots (cheap plug) is that I have a lot of screen shots to go with.

If I had been at home that might have taken me all day to get sorted.  But being away and on my phone limited my choices.  Fortunately I had already declared a “favorite” screen shot in a post early this year, so I went with that.

The Doomed Vigil

That was taken at a fight in F4R2-Q back at the very start of the year when TEST and CO2 were moving in down south and, coincidentally enough, was over a pair of Fortizars.  And it was enough to win me one of the ten codes they were giving away.

So there is you tip for the day on taking contest winning screen shots; go to more structure fights.  They tend to attract an interesting array of targets… and explosions.  There lots of explosions.

You can see all of the submissions to the quick contest as replies to CCP’s tweet.

6 thoughts on “Internet Spaceship Screen Shot Tip of the Day

  1. Krumm

    I must admit that is my favorite Eve screenshot that you have shown us over the years. I remember when you posted it and I wondered wow how did you manage that angle and the timing all while trying to stay alive. Its master level stuff. Myself…sense I am still working at the slightly better than noob level but still with lots of noobish questions…seems it takes years to learn this game.

    What I do really enjoy doing and have gotten quite good at is character avatar portrats. My new character El Kappi Tan is just perfect in his glaring smirk…a minmatar privateer. I would upload his picture here if I knew how. hes searchable from a recent killmail as I was trying my hand at pvp and fw for the first time For which I determined that I am not quite ready for pvp and fw yet.


  2. Krumm

    Picture should be updated as my new Gravaton portrait.

    Its so interesting that we have such a wondrous avatar creation process and it plays so little into the actual game…but if I’m going to get into my character my RP roots demand that I look dashingly devious.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Krumm – The thing about big fights where time dilation kicks in, one of the upsides is that you have a lot of time to catch screen shots since everything is moving so slowly.

    Yeah, the walking in stations plan got us avatars… and then that got shelved.


  4. bhagpuss

    Grats! That is a great screenshot. I think I said when you first posted it that it looks like a Chris Foss paperback cover from the 1980s and you can’t get more space operatic than that!


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