All In on Pet Battles

As I noted in an earlier WoW post, with my return to Azeroth I have also gone back to pet battles as part of my play time.  I enjoy it and it is different enough to be something of an alternative activity to prevent burn-out… as long as I don’t go too crazy playing.  Maybe I should think about the title of this post again.

While I still haven’t managed to acquire that Arctic Fox Kit from Northrend yet, I did try a new addon.  BKS recommend Rematch for pet battles in a comment on that linked post and, after giving it a spin, I must agree that it is something special.

It is the sort of addon that makes me worry about addons and how authors wander off an abandon them, because now that I have this I am not sure how I will do without it.

The main Rematch UI

It isn’t a matter of the UI being magic or anything.  It won’t catch pets for you or auto-create teams.  What it does do is make a lot of information available to you easily and and sensibly.  Need something strong against a certain type of pet, there is a tab for that search.  Need it also to be able to survive against that type, you can add that to the search criteria.

It also lets you create and save teams, which was the only thing I really felt I needed.  And it also generates reports about your pet collection, which is a super extra bonus feature.

Some of my stats from earlier in the week

That has helped keep my pet battle enthusiasm going.  Accessible data… data we already have access to but presented in an organized and searchable fashion… is important to me.

I have been working on a couple of fronts.

I have an alt out in Pandaria every day doing the pet dailies and trying to get the spirit pets out there.

Taking on the burning Pandarian Spirit

That has had the side effect of leveling up the alt.  So far only one of the spirit pets has dropped, the air spirit.  So far as I can tell, the water spirit is the one to have.  It gets mentioned in a number of lineup recommendations.

My teams are not perfect.  I have managed to build up an effective set against most of the battles, though some are near run things.  My team for Dos-Ryga for example works most times, unless he rolls a crit or something else comes out against me.  On a good night I beat him on the first attempt.  On my worst night I needed eight runs at him to win and move on.

I have also been hunting for additional pets, both to fill out my collection and to build teams to take on the various NPC pet trainers.

Big additions to my lineup include the Anubisath Idol I mentioned last time.  I just kept running the raid with high level alts until he dropped.  The Emerald Proto-Drake and the Unborn Vykrul are also now in my collection.

Anubisath Idol up front in Pandaria

Getting those meant leveling them up as well, something else I have been working on.  This week has been good for that since Blizz has been having a bonus pet experience event.

Time to take advantage of that

All of which has led me back to Timeless Isle in Pandaria.  It has been kind of fun revisiting the place now that I can pretty much one-shot everything with my main.  Of course, that can be a pain as well.  One of the pets I wanted to catch on Timeless Isle only spawns on top of high spots there, and the only way to get up to them… flying being restricted… is to get an albatross to carry you up.  But to get them to carry you, you have to attack them.  And if you one-shot everything… well, that doesn’t work out so well.

Fortunately my daughter walked by and said I should just use my taunt ability, which worked just fine.

Riding the albatross at last

Of course, the real reason I ended up back on Timeless Isle is the Celestial Tournament, the rewards for which include, of course, more pets.  But the tournament itself is a step up from any of the battles I have faced so far and will be a topic for a future blog post.  I am just getting started there and have quite a ways to go before I can report any real success.

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