Lost My Sunglasses Again…

This time I didn’t leave them behind somewhere, Blizzard took them.

For the WoW anniversary event Blizzard gave us a pair of Bronze Tinted Sunglasses to buy from the anniversary vendor.  I bought them and put them on right away, replacing my engineer goggles look.

A vision in Bronze

They have a sparkle animation.  But now they’re gone.  As soon as I logged in after the anniversary event ended I was back to the helm I had been wearing.

Of course, they weren’t really gone.  They are still there in my list of transmogs.  They just only work during the anniversary event.

There, next to my alpine hat

I guess holiday restricted items were a thing already, and Blizz warned us they would be gone with the end of the event, but the sunglasses were so not tied to the anniversary in any meaningful way that I thought they might relent.

Ah well, I guess I’ll have to wait another year for that look again.

2 thoughts on “Lost My Sunglasses Again…

  1. Marathal

    I’ve seen many comments about the glasses. Next time I’m not spending the 200. It may be nothing for those Timewalking all the time. But for me that was a wasted 200


  2. wowstorylines

    Yeah, I was kind of surprised that they were taken away when the Anniversary ended too. Wish it had been more apparent to the people buying them. Oh well, I’ll have them for next year.


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