Extra Credits – The Data Dilemma

Extra Credits this week takes a look at the data companies often use to measure success versus things they may be ignoring which can erode player trust in a given franchise or company.

Obvious comparisons to recent events are obvious.  Also somewhat interesting to me given my efforts to rank WoW expansions earlier in the week.  I suppose I could add in another version of the ranking with how much each one affected my trust in Blizzard.

2 thoughts on “Extra Credits – The Data Dilemma

  1. Dire Necessity


    Seems almost too perfect for our current player/CCP moment as well. Interestingly, CCP has a stunningly good way to measure player trust – average subscription length. If many/most players are buying subscriptions in full year batches trust is probably pretty high. If many/most players are squeezing down to shorter lengths, trust is probably suffering. Oddly, I’ve never purchased longer than 6 months of Omega time. I’ve been playing EVE for eight years but still, never more than 6 months at a time. I guess I don’t trust CCP all that much which probably explains why I rarely feel let down by them either. EVE’s a niche game produced by a niche company. I don’t front things like that a lot of money. Doesn’t mean I don’t like EVE. I’m manic passionate about EVE. At the same time, I always leave the door open to up and walk away.


  2. Bhagpuss

    I don’t think length of subs would be a reliable metric. I paid for two subscriptions to EverQuest, which then became two All Access subs, for fifteen years straight on a month-by-month basis. When I started them in 1999/2000 monthly was the only option but te fact that I didn’t swap to longer payment periods at a lower cost when they became available had nothing to do with trust and everything to do with inertia.

    The reason the competitive market for utilities and bannking doesn’t work well in the UK is mostly that consumers have very high friction when it comes to changing their providers or their payment plans. People who don’t have that friction can’t understand why others would choose to pay more than they need but for a large number of consumers the sheer effort of changing the details is more than they are willing to endure for the benefit it affords.

    I didn’t swap to a yearly plan for All Access until the price dropped to 50% of the monthly plan – that was my trigger. I had always trusted SOE/DBG to make the best MMOs for my personal tastes – they always have and I see no indications that anyone else is going to better them. My choice of payment model was all about my dislike of filling in online forms and nothing to do with their service (their online forms are about as simple as you could wish, by the way, so that wasn’t a factor).


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