Delve – Mining Value Down but Still Dominant

The New Eden Monthly Economic Report for November 2017 arrived yesterday so it is time to take a moment to look how things are going in Delve.

As noted in the title, mining in Delve was down some, dropping from 14.6 trillion ISK in October to 13.9 trillion ISK in November.

November 2017 – Mining Value by Region

However, as I have mentioned in the past, the mining chart is measured by the value of the ore extracted and, as we can see from the price index chart, that value has continued its slide.

November 2017 – Economic Indices

With as much of dip as that, it is quite possible that more ore was extracted in Delve last month, when compared to October, rather than less.

Still, some regions appear to be down more than others.  I wonder if something is going on in Fade, and Branch… maybe somebody hot dropping miners… because the numbers for those regions seem down much more than the decline in price might explain.

As you can see on CCP Quant’s new bar chart Branch, which was in seventh place, has fallen further down the list.

November 2017 – Mining Value by Region – Bar Graph

Likewise, Fade seems to have fallen a few places in the stack, though Deklein, where we have been having some battles, still seems to be holding onto its spot.

Jin’taan posted a wry comparison to Reddit of Delve vs. the rest of New Eden when it comes to mining.

On the bounties front it probably surprises exactly zero people that Delve remained in the lead for November.

November 2017 – NPC Bounties by Region

Bounty payouts in Delve were up a few billion, though I contributed even less than my usual hundred million or so to the number as I did not rat even once during the month.

November 2017 – NPC Bounties by Region – Bar Graph

Branch was down a bit over last month, but most other regions seemed to hold steady or were up somewhat for November.

There there is the “make non-null sec players rage” chart that shows null sec grew slightly in total percentage of bounty payouts, going from 92.1% to 92.4%, with both high and low sec declining every so slightly.

November 2017 – Bounties by Space Sec Rating

Wormhole space remained at its normal zero percent because they get paid out by NPCs for drops from their rats, the sales of which totaled to about 19 trillion ISK in value.  If counted as bounties that would change the mix somewhat, though the fact that they have to ship them out of wormhole space to cash in adds to the complexity.

On the sinks and faucets chart bounties payouts were slumping slightly towards the end of November.

November 2017 – Top 8 ISK Sinks and Faucets

Even with that ever so slight dip bounties remain in the zone where CCP previously expressed the opinion that they were too high, so it remains to be seen if CCP will turn an eye towards super carrier ratting for further nerfs.

On production Delve remains a significant force and, last I heard, the region still needed to import some minerals to keep the factories running apace.

November 2017 – Production Values by Region

As we have seen in the past, production in the three regions around Jita, the trade hub for New Eden, dominates, but Delve still stands out on the bar chart.

November 2017 – Production Values by Region – Bar Graph

And, of course, when it comes to market value The Forge, home of Jita, stands out well ahead of all others.

November 2017 – Trade Value by Region

This dominance is especially visible on the bar chart where there is The Forge and then

November 2017 – Trade Value by Region – Bar Graph

The contrast is so striking that CCP Quant added a bar graph without The Forge just so that you could compare the other regions visually without them seeming, as my grandfather might put it, flatter than piss on a plate.

November 2017 – Trade Value by Region – Bar Graph, The Forge Excluded

There you can see Delve ringing in at about half the rate as Domain, home to Amarr, the Chicago of trade hubs to Jita’s New York City.  All those Goons are up to something.

Finally, the regional summary chart of key indices that gives a nice combined picture for a set of regions.

November 2017 – Regional Summary Stats

As usual I am mostly reveling in the fact that EVE Online is the kind of game where the economy is so central that CCP reports on it regularly.  Reporting on Delve just gives me a chance to go on about the importance of the economy in New Eden.  I certainly cannot claim to have influenced anything that happened in Delve.  I am pretty sure I haven’t set foot in the region for at least a month.

Anyway, you can find all these charts and more, as well as the raw data, as part of the dev blog.

And other sites have commentary on this month’s MER:

5 thoughts on “Delve – Mining Value Down but Still Dominant

  1. Dinsdale Pirannha

    “Even with that ever so slight dip bounties remain in the zone where CCP previously expressed the opinion that they were too high, so it remains to be seen if CCP will turn an eye towards super carrier ratting for further nerfs.”

    Yeah, right…sure. If CCP was going to do anything about it they would have by now. “The ISK must flow”, is the RMT cartels’ business statement.

    Oh, I saw on Reddit that post about RMT, from one buyer’s perspective. (CCP of course shut down that thread pronto on their site) Naturally, we are to believe that it is all the Russians, while the richest, most organized ISK grinding machine does not do it on an industrial scale.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Dins – Sure sign of a zealot; must refuse to believe any information that contradicts their world view.

    Yes, CCP loves Goons. It isn’t like holes in the systems used by PL aren’t suddenly closed when Goons start using them. Oh, wait, it happened again. Still, CCP favors Goons, right?


  3. Dinsdale Pirannha

    Let me get this straight….an article on the goon propaganda site about two RMT cartels abusing game mechanics to jump around the cosmos somehow has something to do with RMT?

    If you are using that article as proof that CCP is siding with PL when it comes to warfare, you could make an argument. If you are using it to say that CCP does not, at the very least, look the other way when it comes to industrialized RMT, nope, does not fly.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Dins – Your pet theory says that Goons control CCP through payouts and extortion. I can go link it again if you want. But now you’re saying that somehow Goons ONLY control CCP on one narrow front, but are hapless otherwise? That is some serious logical gymnastics there. Anything to support your personal view I guess. After all, you’ve never provided an ounce of evidence in favor of your theory and rationalize or reject out of hand anything that threatens it.


  5. Gevlon

    What’s the point for playing for anyone at this point?
    I’m not talking about Goons mining and ratting obscene amount. I’m talking about ANYONE being able to mine that obscene amount from one region. This means that there is absolutely no competition for resources, no reason to fight for anything. Theoretically 3 nullsec regions could house all the players in EVE.

    Did EVE become an idle game where you just set up some unit (a Rorq or a ratting Nyx), go AFK and watch obscene numbers grow?


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