Yule Lads Tell Players to Work for Their Damn Yoiul Gifts

The holiday season is upon us and, in New Eden, that means the start of the annual Yoiul Festival.

The symbol of The Agency for Yoiul?  That doesn’t bode well.

In past years this has meant an advent calendar-like series of daily gifts to the capsuleers of New Eden.  You had to log in daily to get your gift, but that was all you need do to collect fireworks, snowballs, festival launchers, SKINs, and other special treats.

This year the Yule Lads have taken a different tack.

Yule lads of old… I think they all FC for Pandemic Horde now

This year, no doubt due to staff cuts on Team Yoiul, the lads won’t be traveling to every station and citadel in New Eden to deliver daily gifts.  They’re subcontracting to The Agency this year, so it will be like any other event.  If you want some seasonal treats you’re going to have to go undock and PvE for them by completing tasks in The Agency.

If you’re not willing to go out and hit rogue drone sites you’ll have to pick up loot with ISK in Jita or via PLEX in the New Eden Store.

Local crank, bitter vet, and host of the Open Comms show Dirk MacGirk had this to say about the event:

And so it goes.  Am I going to be able to find time to schlep out for my gifts this year when there are hostiles to shoot?

6 thoughts on “Yule Lads Tell Players to Work for Their Damn Yoiul Gifts

  1. anypo8

    I found this pretty discouraging. I really don’t enjoy the Agency stuff, so I guess it’s coal for my pilots this year. I don’t care too much about getting anything valuable out of CCP for Yueoielje, but they could at least gift us a novelty item or three. Bah, humbug.


  2. Krumm

    I have to agree with Dirk on the Omega accounts should get the free no effort benefits of gifts. Let us hope that they take note of our distaste and on Christmas the big gift will be free/given to us.

    Now the agency has been a mixed bag. I like to do the event sites but with it now not automatically giving us anything…i’ve gotten a lot of site with nothing, and many more times with drone junk that its not a good system for gifts…as they are not gifts I am working for them so they are loot. Thereby they cant count those in my book as anything remotely gift like.

    I liked the Gnosis and the Sunesis we got last year as they have large cargo holds, the ability to do drones and missiles which is my play preference. We did get those for Christmas right…my memory is now failing to recall.


  3. Krumm

    Hey Wilhiem, did you catch Gevlon’s resent Reddit post title…. “Maybe I (Gevelon) was wrong about Goons” Just FYI.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Krumm – Yeah, I think it is still in the Blogger Feed side bar here. I haven’t read it however as I am pretty sure by the title that he is just trolling. If somebody posted it to Reddit I am sure it will get the reception it deserves.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Krumm – Yes, like I said, it is in the Blogger Feed side bar already. My main thought was to go ask him for the current count of posts about EVE Online he has made since he declared he would no longer post about EVE Online.

    Judging from the Reddit thread, he’s still trying to claim he drove Goons out of the north rather than the actual people who did. He continues to have problems with correlation vs. causation.

    Oh, and I didn’t even notice that HE posted it to Reddit. Further attention seeking from somebody who said they were done with the game.

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