Steam Winter Sale 2017

The Steam Winter Sale is upon us again.  Having kicked off yesterday, it will run through to January 4, 2018.

Holiday Sales are Here Again

I was aware that it was here largely because I got the Paradox winter newsletter in email announcing sale prices, and they pretty consistently put stuff on sale through their direct store to match the prices on Steam.

As with last year you can vote on the Steam Awards, go through your suggestion queues to earn trading cards, and find lots of games on sale.

Naturally, I have my own gripes, though they are mostly about me.

The big sale is here and I am not really looking for a new game.  Last year I actually picked up a few titles and, more surprisingly, I actually played them.  Imagine that!  At some point I decided that there will always be another sale so there is no rush to collect games in my library that I might play some day.

Plus I am in something of a happy spot with gaming right now.  I am in the late expansion groove with WoW Legion, with a little something to do every day plus pet battles and alts to play with when I’ve done a few tasks with my main.

Likewise, in EVE Online there are a few ops a week to go on and not much logistical support needed to keep that up.

So I look at my Steam wishlist and am not burning to buy anything there.  Most of the titles on the list have been there for a year or longer at this point.  What are the odds I am suddenly going to buy GTA V this time around?

And there isn’t anything new out there that has my interest.  I mean, there are plenty of new games on Steam, but the barrier to entry is so low these days that you have to assume everything is crap until proven otherwise.  I suppose everybody is up about PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.  I am mildly interested in that… though it isn’t on sale so I can buy that any time.. but the voice in the back of my head wants to know if I really need another shooter to be bad at.  I bought Doom during a mid-year sale and, while it was an awesome, visceral experience, my badness kept it from being all it could be.

I guess I can always look at my daughter’s Steam wishlist to see if there is anything she wants.

Is there anything new in the Steaming pile I should be keeping an eye on?

7 thoughts on “Steam Winter Sale 2017

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Noizy – A good choice, but I already own it! I still need to invest in a joystick to play it though, as mouse and keyboard were not working out for me. I was very happy when I docked successfully.


  2. mbp

    Total War Warhammer 1 at 66% off is a good deal. I recall your having played and enjoyed a previous Total War. The Warhammer games have brought the series to new heights plus you have all the great Warhammer lore with magic and monsters. They have even introduced multiplayer (two player)campaign mode which I remember you having looked for.


  3. SynCaine

    On PUBG, I don’t expect it will go on sale anytime soon, as the devs have said a game going on sale leads to a massive increase in cheating, and they are already struggling somewhat with keeping cheating in check.

    Also, you know, 30m people paid full price, so its not like the game needs a sale.


  4. Eli Olsen

    Not yet, but at some point in the future (best estimate sometime in March) Monster Hunter: World will be out on Steam, and looks to be a game right up your alley, assuming that alley is incredibly deep games with both strategy and action. It’s the first Monster Hunter game on PC, and the most beginner friendly (an important feature for a series with such a step learning curve.)

    An explanation of what the game is:


  5. Jenks

    I got Battle Chasers for Christmas and I’m loving it. Highly recommend if you like turn based RPGs and a decent discount for a fairly new game.


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