2017 MMO Blogging Champs

Things change, people change, hairstyles change, interest rates fluctuate.
-Hillary Flammond, Top Secret!

It isn’t 2008 any more. Hell, it is going to be 2018 in just days, at which point I will have to retire this image my daughter made for me.  So I might as well use it again!

The strict MMORPG market has peaked and the lines between what we call MMOs and what would have been, in the past, mere multi-player games has blurred. I’m pretty sure that the original Diablo, a co-op game with a lobby from 1996, could be spun as an MMO in today’s market.

Meanwhile blogs have long since ceased to be the trend on the internet, with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Reddit splitting out those who might have blogged in the past from those of us more dedicated to the solo, long form existence. Sitting down to write a new post on a regular basis is a different experience than the interplay on Twitter or the caustic comment culture of Reddit.

And yet some of us remain, bloggers who focus on the MMORPG niche who write something on a regular basis.

My Feedly account is littered with the titles of MMO blogs long gone dormant. But the tradition remains and I see posts daily from blogs. Some stray from the core topic… but that was ever the case even back in the heyday… and, as noted above, with the lines blurred one can argue as to what is and is not an MMO. Raph Koster says that Pokemon Go is an MMO. Are you going to believe him or Tobold?

Anyway, in these times I thought I would call out a dozen MMO Blogs who bring it on a regular basis.

  1. Aywren Sojourner
  2. Endgame Viable
  3. Going Commando
  4. Growing up in Azeroth
  5. Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah
  6. Inventory Full
  7. MMO Fallout
  8. Nomadic Gamers
  9. Tales of the Aggronaut
  10. The Nosy Gamer

Which isn’t to say that those are all that remain in our little corner of the internet.  Ten is an arbitrary number, small enough to make the list easy enough to fill.  There are still others out there, some on par with any on that list.  Yes, there are others who don’t bring the content as often or who have branched out regularly beyond just MMORPGs, but are still part of our little community in spirit if not in every day practice.  So if you’re thinking MMO blogs have disappeared or died off, you can sort through this list as well.

Blogging about MMOs is not yet dead.

9 thoughts on “2017 MMO Blogging Champs

  1. bhagpuss

    Thanks for the link-love once again. I certainly don’t plan on stopping and I very much hope neither you no anyone else on those lists does, either.

    I wonder if anyone’s going to do an NBI in 2018? I missed having one last year – it always turns up a few new, good blogs to follow. (And no, I am not putting my hand up to organize it!).

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  2. Aywren Sojourner

    Thank you for including me on your list! I do write about more than just MMOs, but I admit MMOs still make up most of my game time. Good to see a nice list of bloggers all in one place.

    Love your daughter’s artwork, too! Pass on a “great job” to her!

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  3. Mailvaltar

    Thank you for mentioning me!

    That I’m writing not very regularly is the reason I haven’t tried to make the blog public at all yet. Somehow you’ve found it though, obviously. The wonders of the internet. :-)


  4. Seraphgrim

    I am absolutely terrible about opening things like this in a tab, then leaving it for several months until I feel I’m ready to or have time to dive down the rabbit hole. Anyways, I just added a whole bunch of stuff to my Feedly. Thank you, Wilhelm!


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