Daily Archives: January 8, 2018

Legion in the New Year

The Feast of Winter Veil is behind us.  The decorations have been taken down, Santa and the Smokeywood Pastures vendor have packed their bags and headed home, and all has returned to normal here in the new year.

I must admit I did not do much with the Winter Veil event in Azeroth this year.  I collected my gifts and treats from under the tree in Ironforge, but that was about it.

Happy Winter Veil… yummy

Instead I have kept chugging along on my own goals, logging in daily to do a few things and occasionally pressing on into uncharted territory.

Having flying unlocked has made running alts up to the level cap considerably easier.  I don’t mind having had to walk or ride everywhere for my first trips through the zones.  In fact, Blizz did their best to make that less onerous that it might have been otherwise, especially when working on world quests for reputation, via the flight master’s whistle that would picked you up and drop you at the nearest flight master.

So very nice

As good as that was however, flying both ways is still quicker than walking one way and hitching a ride back.

With flying I now have my hunter, the traditional second character I work on, up to level 110 along with a rogue and have a death knight well on the way.  Meanwhile I have been working on exalted status with the local factions via world quests with Vikund, my main.

I have to admit that I really like the way that Blizz worked the whole daily quest routing in Legion with world quests.  Those are the primary method for boosting your faction standings and if you are dying to get there ASAP you can work your way around the map doing them.

Or, if you’re like me and don’t want to burn out, you can just do the daily emissary quest.  Every day you get a new emissary quest on the map for one of the factions.  All you have to do is travel to their zone, do four world quests, then turn in the quest with the emissary for that faction and you get a nice 1,500 point boost to your standing.  And the emissary quests persist for a couple of days, so if you skip a day or two you can still pick up the ones you missed.

This totally works for me.

I do the emissary quest with Vikund and then usually move on to something else, often pet battles.

I actually have a couple of posts brewing about pet battles, including one on how I am building up my pet battle army by leveling up a pet a day from 1 to 25 by doing just 5 trainer battles.  Again, I like pet battles but am wary of over-indulging lest I burn out, so I have a nice easy routine, after which I do something else.  Sometimes that is hunting down another pet I do not have or doing some of the world quest pet battles for supplies.

That does bring me back to my garrison in Draenor for the menagerie every day as a start.  As much as I felt the garrison was not ideal… it was not housing or personalized but it did pull people out of the world… I still end up using it.

In addition to starting off my daily pet battle routine there I also bring my rogue back there regularly to collect hexweave cloth… and the ingredients to make it… to make 30 slot hexweave bags. I can crank out one of those about every other day so soon all my alts and their bank slots will have 30 slot containers.  I also send some to my daughter.  Bag space all around.

And I have finally moved into Argus.

Oh the places you’ll go…

I had the initial quest line for that open up to me ages ago and did the first steps, but then set that aside in favor of working on flying, the Paladin order quest line, and pet battles.  But now that I have flying and have capped off most of the order hall stuff I plan to do, I figured I ought to move forward.

Of course, there is no flying on Argus.  Ah well.  That probably means I won’t go there with a bunch of alts.  But I will bring my main out there and do all the things, so to speak, so as to see all of the expansion available to me.

Argus is interesting.  My first brush with it was a bit of a chore until I figured that bringing along one of my followers as a helper made things much more manageable.  So I am following the story line there under an alien sky… a sky with a huge object lolling about.

Hrmm, that planet looks familiar

Anyway, I continue on with WoW, still enjoying it on this return trip.